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My name is Kaye and I am 58 years old. Unbelievably to me, at my age, I have now just embarked upon my third career - as a History Education Consultant! I love to cross stitch and quilt, especially with my kittens, Furio and Milo "helping" me. I also love to read, I have a passion for history and I have been cooking since I was about 12 - move over Junior Masterchef! So, this blog, which started out as a cross stitch blog sometimes morphs into a reading journal or a history lesson (sorry, I used to be a secondary teacher before I became a publisher and now a consultant) or a post about my cooking mojo. Whatever it is, this blog is alway about me, my family and my life here in Eaglemont, Victoria. I have been happily married for over 30 years to the most wonderful man and we are blessed with three beautiful grown up children.

My fellow stitching kittens

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kitten and kids photos plus an awesome giveaway

Hello lovely bloggers,

I just had to share some photos of my DYS and DD and Milo and Furio - they were having a good old cuddle this afternoon.  (Sorry, a couple of them are a little fuzzy)

 In these next three, Furio and Milo had been fighting - you can see Furio's tale whisking around madly in the photo below:

The Victor!
Furio won, as you can see, as Milo has gone skulking off.

But DD made him feel better with a cuddle.

Off to do some more blog stalking and maybe some stitching.

Don't forget  that if you would like to get an extra entry in my giveaway, please say so when and if you comment on this post.

Also, Patty at Hanging on by a thread is having an absolute awesome giveaway of a My Memories suite software program and an ornie.  Check it out on her lovely blog here

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Chaotic Crafter said...

You have cute kids and furbabies. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs..well one of the cats is not 8 months old yet...but the boy kitties love to do kitty death match..as my parents call it. They like to bite each other's necks and ears. and of course try to kick each other's heads off with the back feet. But it is cute..

I would love another entry. I have posted about your give a way and put it on my left side bar.

cucki said...

hello dear, very beautiful pictures..lovely kids and lovely furbabies..i love all the pictures so much..
keep well and happy stitching always xx

SoCal Debbie said...

Those are great pics of your children and kitties! I especially like the one with the tail moving! Please give me another entry!

Shari said...

very cute kids & kitties...
I can tell your daughter loves the cats!

Linda said...

Cute kids and kitties. Love the tail wagging. One of my does that when I'm holding him and he doesn't want to be held. I think its funny and just sit there and laugh.
Please give me another entry in your giveaway.

Thanks, Linda

TammyK said...

Lovely kids and kitties :-)

Daffycat said...

Good uck with NaBloPoMo, Kaye! You can do it!!!

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