Udderly smooth

Hello lovely bloggers,

When I was blog browsing the other night, I saw a post on Daffycat's blog where she mentioned liniment amongst her latest stash purchases and was complaining about its scent.

This made me think about a cream which I used to use when I was stitching many years ago called udder cream.  This is a great hand cream for stitchers as it is totally absorbed into the skin and then you can stitch straight away and it smells nice.  So, I did a google search to see if it still exist and imagine my excitement when I found that it is made by an Australian company called MooGoo and that my local health store stocks it.  This company has an online website and there are stockists in Hong Kong, Ireland, U.S. and New Zealand.

Now it is exactly what it sounds like - it is actually udder cream - it is used to stop teat cracks and keep udders supple!  Here are the directions on the back of the tube of cream which I bought:

"Wash udder and teat parts thoroughly before each milking to avoid contamination of milk. Apply udder cream to the udder after each milking , massaging into the skin.
For teat cracks, apply sufficient quantity to fill crack and surrounding area. As an aid in softening swollen udders during calving, apply liberally twice daily with gentle massage. May be used for dry or chafed skin and as an aid in keeping skin soft and supple." 

I can thoroughly recommend it as a hand cream for stitchers.

Have a good evening everyone, 

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye, think I might have to get some of this "udderly" perfect sounding hand cream! :O)

cucki said…
hello kaye, i will surely look for this cream here as well..it is sound so lovely..
hugs xx
gracie said…
We do sell an Udder Cream here in the USA...it is packaged differently but as you say it is good. I need to pick more up for my delicate hands!!!!
Cindy said…
hehe... thanks for the info... i had heard of this, will have to pick some up.... love the part that it 'disappears' immediately :D ... thank you again
diamondc said…
Udder Cream is the best, I live in Minnesota and the winters get very cold which chaps your hand, if you use Udder Cream this keeps your hands soft and almost free from crafts, I use it before I stitch it is almost grease free, I do wipe the palms of my hands just to make sure I leave no residue on my stitching.
diamondc said…
I am so sorry I ment to say cracks not crafts.
Lynn said…
My girlfriend and her husband run a dairy farm and she swears by this cream.
Linda said…
Thanks for the info Kaye. I'm going to see if I can find it here.

Cheryll said…
OMG Kaye... that's utterly amazing.. I'll get some for sure...for my hands that is! :)
Anne said…
Lol! I love the instructions!! I wish we had this here in Canada. Perhaps we have some other kind of Moo Cream! Thanks for the tip!!

mdgtjulie said…
I've got a couple of tubes of Udder Cream, but I don't use it often. It is great though.

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