Very quick post

Hello lovely bloggers,

This is just a really quick post as I have put in another long day at work today  - three back to back meetings including a nationwide webinar  - 13 hours.  So, just wanted to say hello and fulfil my NaBloPoMo commitment.  Off to have a yummy spag bol cooked by DH (only Italians can cook really good spag bol) and work on my JCS SAL with Julie.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


sharine said…
All those meetings-ouch!Enjoy your night.
cucki said…
hello dear, have a lovely evening and enjoy stitching your sal xx
Bronny said…
Hi Kaye - thank you for your lovely comment.
Good Luck on your NaBloPoMo - I've not joined in as I do not believe I could blog so committedly
Hugs - looking forward to new camera pics
SoCal Debbie said…
Have a nice spaghetti dinner, and don't get any sauce on your stitching!
Julie said…
Thanks for leaving a message on my bl
Hope you enjoy your dinner and look forward to your SAL updates.
marly said…
My husband just made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce with pork ribs, his family's way. I eat it with a spoon even without the pasta! Stuffed shells for Thanksgiving instead of a dead bird. Sounds like you could use a nice meal after all those work hours. Enjoy!

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