Four Colour Swap

You may remember that a few weeks back I took part in the Four Colour Swap hosted by Cheryll of Gone Stitchin'.

If you want to see the lovely gifts I received from Barb, you can check them out here. 

Unfortunately there was a bit of a delay with the parcel which I sent to Annie in Tassie but eventually it was all sorted and now I can post about it and show you what I sent.

The colour Annie chose was RED.  So, first I stitched her a red bird:

Then added some "red" chocolate:

Then I gifted her with these red beads which I bought a few years back on the Left Bank of the River Seine in Paris, I have waited and waited to find the right person to give them to.

Lastly, some rose potpourri in a silk bag with silk embroidery:

Once Annie finally received her gifts, she tells me that she is very happy with them - Phew!


Well, have a good week everyone and don't forget that during the week I will be MIA, see this post here if you want to know more.


marina said…
such a gorgeous cross stitch pattern. It looks perfect in that frame, your other swap gifts are wonderful too.
Shirlee said…
Lovely gifts, & I really like that red bird. Who is the designer?
Anonymous said…
wow Kaye thats a beautiful parcel that you have put together,well done.xx
Catherine said…
Fantastic goodies!!!!
Parsley said…
I like the idea of favorite color swaps.

Nice work!
Barb said…
I love the red gifts. The frame is just perfect for that beautiful red bird. Such very thoughtful gifts!
marie said…
What a wonderful swap! I love red and birds....this piece is beautiful!
Lovely gifts Kaye....I'm sure Annie will enjoy them....especially the's gorgeous! I had Annie last year and her colour was red too then!
Love the Beautiful red bird design and the pretty white frame. It looks Gorgeous. All your gifts are beautiful to Annie. Shes lucky:)
love Annette
Mii Stitch said…
Great gifts! I love that little red bird in that such pretty frame! x
Anonymous said…

Just come across your blog.
Your stitching is beautiful!

Happy weekend (:
cucki said…
It is truly looking so lovely..
Big hugs x
Jan Gartlan said…
What a lovely exchange
Christine M said…
Everything is just gorgeous Kaye. I love the little bird.
~Narita said…
What a great gift idea! I absolutely LOVE your little red bird. Love that chart!
Kathy Ellen said…
Oh! Absolutely gorgeous red bird! Your stitching is wonderful, and all of those lovely red gifts too...sure to be delightfully received!

Beautiful gifts, Kaye! What a great idea, organizing a swap around a color. That sounds like it was so much fun!
Melody said…
Such beautiful gifts
Linda said…
What great gifts you sent Kaye. I love the piece you stitched.

Lija Broka said…
Gorgeous bird! I am unsurprised it tool long to get to the destination looking at the frame. Probably a little heavy. It looks amazing! And very nice presents too.
Stitching Noni said…
Lovely birdie. What a sweet design. Great choice for a one colour stitch :)
Love the other gifts in the parcel. I can imagine Annie would have been very happy to receive such a lovely package :)
Anne said…
Such a pretty red bird you made for Annie. That frame is very beautiful with it's intricate inlay. I'm sure she was overjoyed to receive such a lovely package!!

Valma said…
what a wonderful red bird you made for Annie !
in this's perfect =)
I understand why she was happy
red is not my favourite colour but your red parcel was really great =)
Astrids dragon said…
Hmm, I think my new favourite colour might be red! I love the bird, very sweet.

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