Just a little something to add to the empire... and another two great Giveaways

Well, while I am confessing all of my latest Stash Empire building - lol! - I saw this pattern on sale on the internet and just had to buy it to add to the Empire.  Do you like it?

Isn't she pretty?

... and she came with her own beads and gold thread.

Now I just have to find some perfect fabric for her,  oh dear, that may mean some more Stash Empire building! lol!

I must just tell you about Lija's 100 follower Giveaway, she is giving away a whole swag of lovely goodies to celebrate reaching the 100 followers milestone.  You can join in the fun here.  Closes, July 31st.

Also, the redoubtable Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another floss giveaway, this time though, you nominate one of your stitchy friends to win the gift!  Neat idea, hey?

I entered and although it was a hard decision to make as to who to nominate, I decided upon my DF Linda from Stitching with my Furbabies, who also kindly nominated me to win - lovely!

You can enter Nancy's Giveaway, here.



Sleeping beauty is a Gorgeous design! Love that you nominated Linda for Nancy's giveaway. Very sweet of you. love Annette
Stitching Noni said…
What a beauty... A gorgeous addition to your stash.
Thank you for the links to the new giveaways :)
Shirlee said…
That Sleeping Beauty will be gorgeous when you finish it! So glad you've been treating yourself lately : )
SoCal Debbie said…
That's a beautiful Spring Princess design from Passione Ricamo! Thanks for the link to Lija's giveaway. How nice of you to nominate Linda for Nancy's giveaway!
Carol said…
A fine acquisition for the empire, Kaye :)
Linda said…
Thank you so much for nominating me Kaye. How sweet of you. What a beautiful new chart you have empired!!

Lija Broka said…
She is gorgeous! Can't wait to see you start stitching on this one. I have just got another parcel of enhancements myself... my poor bank account. Thank you for linking.
Valma said…
ho my ! she is so beautiful
Laura creates real beauties
I can't wait to see this one stitched by you =)
you'll be very busy sweetie =D
big hugs
Astrids dragon said…
Oooh, she's lovely! Have you picked out your fabric yet?

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