What do you think of my snazzy new toaster?

It has all the bells and whistles to make perfect toast and crumpets - I especially like the idea of the "A bit more" button, for when you want to get just the perfect amount of browning.  Plus I love the idea of having an accent colour of bright red in my sage green kitchen (TraderVic says that it is too red but luckily, he demurred when I asked him to come shopping with me - so he got no say in the purchase, so  "boo hoo" to him - lol!)

I am off to Perth for work tomorrow - see this post here for all of my MIA news - which should be good.  Hopefully the workshops are as successful as the ones in Brisbane were.

However, I am really thrilled as I am going to be able to catch up with Stitchin' Noni who lives in Perth - how cool is that?  I am just putting together a little stitching something to give her, nothing better than delivering a RAK in person!

Have a great rest of the week, everyone and next weekend look out for pics of Noni, me and Perth.



Lynn said…
It most definitely is snazzy! I love the bright red and A Bit More button is just awesome! Enjoy!!
Linda said…
Have a great week Kaye. That is one awesome toaster. I've never seen one like that around here.

Barb said…
I love that toaster!!! Have a great time in Perth. Enjoy your time with a friend stitcher.
Marie said…
Wow, I love that toaster!

Enjoy your travels to Perth and your visit with a fellow stitcher.
Astrids dragon said…
Oooh, look at that fancy toaster! A bit more crumpet sounds good to me!

Have fun with Noni, lucky you.
Christine M said…
Love the red toaster. My favourite colour! Have a great time in Perth and don't work too hard.
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye! Love your new toaster :)
I am so excited to be meeting up with you tomorrow, can't wait :)
Have a safe trip and see you soon :)
Hugs x
Narelle said…
Love your snazzy new toaster and I can think of a few things that could use 'a bit more' button :)
Have a great time away!
cucki said…
Love the sweet toaster..have a great time xxx
Shirlee said…
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Shirlee said…
A sage green kitchen sounds so pretty (I love sage green) but that red toaster ... oo-la-la! My kitchen has had a red theme for the past 30+ years so I went a little ga-ga when I saw that toaster of yours. Makes me want to hound John about moving to Melbourne again. Whoops! Sorry Sophie! (We try not to use the H word around here.)
Chris said…
Pretty cool toaster!
Have a good time in Perth. Glad to know that you will be having some fun instead of just work :)
SoCal Debbie said…
I love that red toaster! (although I don't know what a crumpet is, haha)

My plain white toaster has a Pop Tarts setting, though!
Love the red toaster and a crumpets button!? I've never seen that in the US. Hope your trip is continuing to go well and that you have fun with Noni!
Denise SA said…
How can a toaster be too red. It's gorgeous
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Love your new Toaster :) the colour is great :) And I like the "A bit more" button too as I like my toasts "tanned" as I call them eheheh... Hope you have a great time in Perth nothing better than conciliate work with visiting some stitching friends :)
Too Red? There's no such thing as too red, not red enough is pink!

Year ago someone proposed a toaster that popped one piece up then the other popped up once you'd buttered the first piece so each piece is perfect butter-melting temperature. I am eagerly waiting this innovation!

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