A trip down Memory Lane - Part 2

Hello lovely bloggers,

You may remember my first trip down Memory Lane the other week on this post here, well the other day I took another trip down that lane....

My DF, Linda, sent me this photo of our gorgeous DDs as little girls, in matching pinafores which we had made for them.....

My DD is on the right, now I have always thought that she very much favours TraderVic's side of the family but seeing this photo she looks so like me as a little girl.  (I must see if I can get my DM to dig up a photo of me at that age, just to check).

The two little girls are now 22 and 21 respectively.

Isn't it a sweet photo?

P.S. Well, have a good week everyone and don't forget that during the week I will be MIA, see this post here if you want to know more.


Valma said…
awww so sweet =)
I hope you'll find a picture of you at the same age =D
we are impatient to see =)
Shirlee said…
Adorable : )
Barb said…
Adorable little girls, they grow up so fast!
SoCal Debbie said…
Yes, that's a sweet photo. At first I thought you were showing us a picture of you and your DF Linda!

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