.... that is what we call it at my work when we are out of the office for any length of time on business.

Well, I am going to be MIA from work, home and blogging to some degree for the next three weeks.

As you may remember, I am an educational publisher and here in Australia we are having a new Australian Curriculum implemented.  So, I am conducting Workshops around Australia to help teachers understand the new History Curriculum and to show them the fabulous resources we have published (both as hard copy books and as digital product) to help them implement the new curriculum.

Luckily for me I am not travelling on this Roadshow alone - I am going with a couple of my fabulous colleagues.

This week I am in Queensland for three days, next week it is Perth in WA for three days and the following week is Sydney, also for three days.

I will be home on the weekends in between but, that will be catch up time with all that I have missed at home during the week.

Of course, I am taking some stitching with me - haven't decided what exactly yet - and I have some pre-organised posts to upload whilst I am on the Road, but I may not have time to read and comment on all your lovely blogs and I will only be on my home email intermittently.

But please, do know, I will be thinking of you all whilst I am MIA.

Now, I cannot post without a pic or two - these are of Milo this time, I think that he thinks he is a Guard Cat!

Guarding the washing in the downstairs family/utility room:

Guarding my DMC threads (I am in the middle of putting them all on String Bows and into two big folders - my aim is to eventually have the entire DMC collection in my stash).

Have a good week everyone,


P.S. Those ginger cakes I made last Sunday, see this post here, are still delicious a week later - so they keep well.


Anonymous said…
have a safe trip Kaye.xx
Noela said…
Enjoy your trip away. Hope all goes well. Hugs....
marly said…
Be safe and enjoy your weekends at home!
Jan said…
Have a great road trip. A shame you aren't visiting Tassie. I hope it goes very well. You are so organised having some posts in advance.
cucki said…
Have a safe trip dear x
Have a great trip! That sounds like a fantastic opportunity. :D
Have a great trip, Kaye! What you're doing is so important.
Good luck with all your work.
Linda said…
Have a safe and fun trip Kaye. Don't work to hard. I'm gonna miss ya. Gives me more time to get your box of goodies together.

Valma said…
have a safe trip and good lock for the work
we'll miss you =)
big hugs
Shirlee said…
I hope all goes well with your trip. I'll miss your smiling face : )
Cath said…
Hope you have a successful trips(s). I have tried putting my threads onto those string bows but never know how to deal with left over strands that have been cut but not used. They wrap quite easily onto the little cardboard holders. What do you do? (no need to answer till you get back)
Deb said…
Isn't it nice to have "helpers"!
Stitching Noni said…
Gosh that is some travelling you have to do over the next couple of weeks. Off to Perth next... See you tomorrow :)
Hugs x

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