Yiota's Cross Stitch Kit Review

Hello lovely bloggers,

I have read and heard a lot about Yiota's X-Stitch designs on various blogs around the traps, so I thought that I would buy one of her gorgeous kits for myself and then I decided to write about it for you all.

I chose Starry Night: 

Well, I was impressed right from the moment my purchase arrived (and I can tell you that it was a hard choice to make when I looked at all the wonderful designs to choose from on her website Yiota.com, which is really well set out with clear categories of designs for your browsing pleasure).  
Now, what impressed me is that it arrived in an envelope with a cardboard backing so that your kit is unlikely to get bent or damaged.  (Also, I plan to use the cardboard as backing for flat ornies - so useful and green!)

The kit arrived all nicely packaged, with everything you need inside:

Now, this is one of the best bits - the floss comes prewound on labelled bobbins!  Fantastic!

They are also neatly attached to this backing paper, so they stay together until you need a colour.  What a great idea!

 You can choose between aida or evenweave, I chose evenweave and it is a gorgeous fabric.  And, of course, a needle is included.

The instructions are nice and clear:

Lovely, large A3 patterns - so easy to read!

Next up, I had to start stitching - I just couldn't wait - and I wasn't disappointed, it was really lovely fabirc and floss to stitch with.  The floss is actually Madeira, which I haven't used before but I am finding really easy to work with.  An added bonus is that the DMC conversions are provided as well, so if that is your preference you can switch.

Just one last thing, as I was checking the flosses, I discovered that one colour I needed was missing!  But it was no worries,  as a quick email to Yiota meant that it was all solved - she is sending me the missing floss straight away, no questions asked.  How cool is that?

So, I would have to rate the whole experience as A+ and I am already checking out the website for my next kit - a William Morris design, "Quest for the Unicorn".

If you haven't checked out Yiota's X Stitch yet, I suggest you do so, you won't be disappointed.

Off to stitch some more,



Shirlee said…
A wonderful review, my friend, & a wonderful choice as well!
Great review! And I think you chose a beautiful design, I've always liked Starry Night. :D
Mii Stitch said…
OMG! I've heard about Yiotas cross stitches but never had a look at their work. Thanks to your great review & your beautiful choice of pattern, I had a look at their website & totally fell in love with La Scaprgliata by Da Vinci, I must get this one!!! :D Thank you x
Parsley said…
Looks like a difficult stitch but I love the pattern!
ariadne said…
I had noticed Yiota's work and was attracted to the many Greek designs. She is Greek too!AriadnefromGreece!
Brigitte said…
A great choice that you made. I have seen several kits by Yiota on the blogs and they all look very attractive with all the bobbins and the clear chart.
Linda said…
A great kit, design and review Kaye. I reviewed one of her kits last year. Now don't get to excited and forget about the castle. lol

Cath said…
Looking forward to seeing progress on this as it is a design I have been thinking about for ages.X
SoCal Debbie said…
What a great review, Kaye! You have certainly chose a fantastic design to stitch. I have one of Yiota's kits and was also amazed how the floss comes on bobbins already.
Christine M said…
Looks like you'll be kept busy with this one, Kaye!
Thanks for the great review and the link Kaye, I hadn't heard of Viota's before so will check them out. Have a great weekend! Deb
Carol said…
Great review, Kaye--I received one of her kits last year and was very impressed with the quality, too! Enjoy :)
Sandie said…
Love the choice of kit. I have a cheetah design by the same company which I'm just getting into. It's hard work as it's all browns, but her finished designs are well worth it.
Valma said…
I also often heard about this site but never really had a look, will repair this just after =)
you made a great choice, this piece will be very beautiful
enjoy sweetie
Stitching Noni said…
Fabulous review. Think I might just pop over and look at the website as well. Have seen a couple of reviews about them and all have been good... So it must be true!!!
Great design choice - love that painting. Can't wait to see more as time goes by :)

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