A sophisticated evening....

Last night TraderVic and I, along with our DFs Kim and Gino, had a sophisticated evening at the Melbourne Recital Centre

Cool building, isn't it?  Apparently it has been part of our Arts precinct since 2009 but I never even knew it existed before we booked these tickets!

We saw Ali McGregor perform her show "Alchemy" - songs from the 80s and 90s performed as Jazz - amazing!  She is an Australian Opera singer and cabaret singer.  It was a really good evening out.

She performed in the Salon, which is this space:

Here is Ali performing Britney Spears' song "Ooops, I did it again" as a jazz song.  Enjoy!



Shirlee said…
Very cool! You are always going to the neatest places & seeing the neatest things : )
Claire said…
Well I didn't know we had that building either...
P.J. said…
What a cool evening.
Linda said…
Looks like another great evening out Kaye. You are so lucky to live where there are so many things to do.

cucki said…
Wow nice evening x
Sounds like a great evening! Hugs, Wendy
Valma said…
wow !
I wish I was there with you !!!
a great moment fir sure
thank you for sharing it with us

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