Cut Thru Castle Update #2

Well, a little bit of progress has been made (I have only had two sessions on this projects so far).  If you squint a little, in just the right light you can see a small figure taking shape - yay!

.. and I think that vertical line of grey stitching will become a sword.



I can see a figure emerging and I didn't have to squint a bit!
Yes I can a image emerging too:) every stitch counts. love Annette
ps no squinting needed.
Shirlee said…
I see that figure too : ) Annette is right ... every little stitch helps : )
So cute! Are you enjoying it?
Dani - tkdchick said…
A nice little progress there yes I can start to see shapes not just blobs!
Linda said…
A few stitches are better than none Kaye. I see the little guy without squinting.

Stitching Noni said…
Definitely taking shape! Great start :)
Anne said…
It's fun to see it starting to take shape!!

SoCal Debbie said…
Yes, I can certainly see the guy holding a sword! I added your pic to the SAL page on my blog.

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