THE fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches         5
and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg  

I just love the fog - so mysterious and eerie!


Well, have a good week everyone and don't forget that during this  week I will be MIA in Queensland, see this post here if you want to know more.


cucki said…
Aww I love fog mysterious always,,
Big hugs x
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Hope you enjoy the week Kaye :)
Anonymous said…
love the fog pics Kaye and safe travels.xx
Jane and Chris said…
Whenever it is foggy (not too often here) I half expect Heathcliff to emerge from the fog!
Jane x
Barb said…
I like that poem too. Have a good week!
Valma said…
everything seems so 'strangely quiet' when fog is there.... =)
Deb said…
WOW! Some thick fog! Good for the plants as the moisture soaks in well.
KarenB said…
Our mornings are foggy this time of year. I love how it swoops back up into the hills as it heads back to the ocean. Have safe travels, Kaye. Now you'll be able to blog from the road. :-)

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