So much to tell you all....

Well, I have had such a busy week being MIA in Perth and then catching up with my stitching on the long weekend here in Melbourne (Queen's Birthday long weekend).  So, I will probably spread some of my news over a couple of posts, if that is okay.

But first, the most exciting news about my Perth trip!  I met up with a fellow stitching blogger, Noni of Fireflies and Cats in the Garden.  I emailed her a couple of weeks ago when I knew that I was going to be going to Perth to see if she would be able to catch up with me.  Luckily, she was having some time off and was free to meet me for lunch in the window of opportunity I had before my colleagues arrived from Adelaide and we had to go conduct our Workshops.  Here we are at the cafe.

We chatted and laughed and learnt that we have lots and lots in common - we are stitching sisters from the two coasts of Australia - lovely!

Of course, being Cross Stitch bloggers we exchanged gifts:

Coincidentally, we both used orange in our wrapping!

Look what Noni gave me:

Beautiful stitched cards and notebook, a scissor fob and a dreamcatcher fob.

.... and this is what I gave Noni:

A framed bunny, some Collection Tra La La patterns and a pair of scissors and a homemade pompom fob.

Thank you, Noni, I will always treasure the time we spent together and the lovely gifts you made for me - I can't wait until we catch up again.

Here is my TUSAL report for this month (a bit late, I am sorry).

Home ORTS on the left and car/plane ORTS on the right

The tea set at the back is my DM's Royal Winton tea set, isn't it gorgeous?

I also got some stitching done this weekend:

Progress on The Faerie Queene (this is all one over one stitching on 35 ct so I need VERY good light to be able to do it)

... and a Happy Dance - Day 3 of Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - yay!

Have a great week everyone,  I am MIA in Sydney this week (read this post here if you want to know more) so forgive me if I don't post anything new all week or don't visit you much.


P.S. I was fiddling with my blog layout and now it is a bit mucked up.  Forgive me as it will be a while before I can get it right again - so sorry.


Parsley said…
Oh how fun to meet another stitchy blogger!! Wonderful exchange and memories made.
Oh I love that you both used the orange wrap!

Love the stitchy gifts you made for each other, too. So sweet.

It's always fun to meet up with another stitcher.

Happy Stitching :)
ariadne said…
It's so great meeting fellow bloggers!AriadnefromGreece!
cucki said…
Wow it's so much fun to meet another friend...
Beautiful gifts..
Lovely stitching..
Love x
Aw, it must have been so nice to meet a fellow stitcher! Your progress is looking beautiful, Kaye. :D
gracie said…
How nice to meet up with a blogging friend.....
SoCal Debbie said…
How fun that you got to meet Noni in person and exchange gifts! Congrats on finishing Santa #3. I'm still working on Santa #4, haven't touched him in months! Stitching over 1 on 35 ct is crazy! I'm sure your project will be beautiful.
AnaCristina said…
You changed the blog!
Linda said…
How exciting to meet a fellow stitcher. What great gifts you exchanged. Congrats on finishing Santa 3. I haven't started Santa 5 yet. Faerie Queen is really pretty. But, yikes over 1 - I wouldn't even attempt over 2.

sharine said…
How fun to meet another stitcher. Great stitching:)
Catherine said…
Isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers! Wonderful goodies and stitches!
Valma said…
that's so so so so super you met =)
what a chance and a great moment you had
happy dance for this meeting =)
you exchanged beautiful gifts and your stitches are also lovely
a very sweet post =D
Shirlee said…
How wonderful that you & Noni got to meet, & what lovely gifts you gave each other! That is a gorgeous tea set! Beautiful WIP, & congratulations on finishing #3 in the 12 Days series! Glad you're home safe & sound : )
Carol said…
What a fun meet-up, Kaye! And our stitching is great--I do love your PS finish :)
Chris said…
How nice that you got to meet up. Isn't great to meet a stitching friend. Lovely gifts.
You are making great stitching progress too. Lovely...
Brigitte said…
Seemed to have been a lot of fun, your little get-together. And congratulations on the beautiful PS finish!
Stitching Noni said…
Oh I missed this post....
It was great to meet you when you came over... Had such a great time :) I loved how we had never really met before just communicated by email... And yet it was like we had been friends for years :)
Thank you for the lovely gifts :)
Look forward to catching up again with you the next time you are over this way :)
BTW I love that dinner set! It's just so gorgeous :)
Your stitching is looking good.. Well done on finishing day 3
Astrids dragon said…
I love that the two of you got to meet in person, how wonderful! I hope you get to meet up again soon. What lovely goodies you both received from each other, keep on stitching!

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