A fruitful Sunday....

Yesterday, I had a most fruitful day both on the baking/cooking side  and on the stitching side.  Let me tell you about the baking first....

First I made a big slab of Zucchini slice to cut up into squares and freeze for my work lunches.  It smelt so delicious when it came out of the oven that I had to have a slice for my Sunday lunch - lol!

Then I decided to bake bread rolls (first time ever!) using this recipe from the lovely Melissa from St John's Stitcher, it is her Nan's recipe.  You can find it here.

Lovely, hot, straight out of the oven with a pat of butter.

Then I made some raspberry shortbread slice, from a very old recipe of mine (not sure where it originated from).  It is delicious with a cup of coffee.

Then I got down to some serious stitching.  First off I finished an exchange piece - I am so pleased with it but I can only show you snippets until the recipient gets it.

Then I finished "Haunted House" as my May piece for the Halloween Ornie SAL

I just squeezed it in under the "Monsters" theme as it has a ghost in it.

It is another freebie from Maja of The Snowflower Diaries.

So, I was very pleased with myself this Sunday.  Although I may have pushed myself too hard as I am not feeling too good this morning - a bit achey all over, I hope that I am not coming down with some sort of virus!

Have a great week everyone.



Anonymous said…
oh you are making me hungry Kaye with all that yummy food,lol,and boy i love your stitchery's,well done.xx
Gorgeous baking. And your stitching is wonderful too.
Margaret said…
Fantastic baking and stitching both! I hope you are feeling better and aren't coming down with something.
P.J. said…
You've been a busy baking bee! All looks yummy. Cute stitches.
Marsha said…
Super deliscious baking. Cute, cute stitching!
cucki said…
Aww yummy :)
Sweet stitches too
Big hugs x
Yummy!Get some rest!AriadnefromGreece!
Thoeria said…
mmmmm.......hot rolls .....drool worthy!! Zucchini slice? Never heard of that one ....will be googling :)
Stitching looks great.....even though all the baked goods distracted me :D
Yum, yum, yum. Well done on all your hard work. Your stitching is beautiful.
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Vickie said…
Yummy baking Kaye. I love to bake.
I hope you feel better by the end of today my friend.
KimM said…
Oh, Kaye! Your baking looks SOOOO good! Did you hear my stomach growl? ;) Lovely stitching - can hardly wait to see the finished piece. That's one lucky person, whoever they are.
Melissa said…
Now I wish I had made another batch of rolls for myself this past weekend haha!

Beautiful stitching. I especially love the backing fabric you chose for your exchange piece!!!
Carol said…
Such a wonderful Sunday you had, Kaye filled with baking and stitching--two of my very favorite things! Everything looks great--hope you have many more equally wonderful days ahead!
Carm said…
If I wasn't on a special easting plan I would be baking after seeing all your goodies! I can almost smell them,LOL! Guess i jusy stitch some
Lovely work!
Yum! All that food looks delicious. Your stitching looks beautiful too! :D
Barb said…
You should be very proud of yourself, wonderful stitching and yummy food!
Mouse said…
ohhhh myyy thanks for making me hungry and its 10.30pm here now ...lol
well done on the stitching front too and hope you are feeling much better soon :) love mouse xxxxx
Melody said…
Wow, such a productive day.
Wow, you were super busy...and all the bakes stuff looks so YUMMY! :)

Love your stitchy finish...and I am sure the lucky person getting this will love it, too.

Blessings always
Rachaeldaisy said…
What a great Sunday!! All your cooking looks wonderful. I've got some zucchinis in the fridge, I think I'll be making zucchini slice tomorrow after seeing yours. Your cross stitched pieces are so cute and fun!!
What a busy day!!

Your stitching is lovely, I particularly like Maja's floating ghost lady. You wouldn't mind being haunted by her!
Marexstitch said…
wonderful stitching but your baking has made me hungry! I made have to ask you for The raspberry shortbread recipe.
Brigitte said…
Oh my, all these yummy looking baked things. Makes me hungry all over although I had breakfast just an hour ago. But I have a sweet tooth and always feel hungry when I see a cake or a cookie or any kind of sweets, lol.

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