Sunday SAL update...

I am finally getting back into my SAL routine after my trip away... it has only taken me a month and a bit! lol!

So last night (Sunday night here in OZ), I stitched on Day 4 of Santa's 12 Days of Christmas (PS) SAL which I am doing with the lovely Debbie and Linda.  (I also did a bit of sewing on my machine, working on finishing those bunnies but more of that when I am done).

So, this is before I started stitching last night (sorry, it is a really bad photo!)

... and this is what I accomplished last night.

Yesterday, I had a lovely lunch at The Red Door Corner Store in Northcote.  Now, the story behind this place is that we used to live just a few streets away, when the kids were little and TraderVic used to walk around there every weekend to get the newspaper as it used to be a corner Milk Bar.  The kids would go with him and the kindly Greek couple would usually give them a lolly.  Now it is a trendy cafe!  How times change.

My dear friend Marie had sashimi Tuna with Soba noodles.

My other dear friend, Linda and I both had a Heirloom Tomato salad with potato rosti.

... and of course, we had tea and coffee!

The decor has a nod to its heritage as a milk bar.

Later that day, I decided to go on a cooking jag - you know that I love to cook and bake.

So, I dug up a new to me recipe which is quite old-fashioned.  Beef Olives.

I also made a big pot of Pea and Ham soup for lunches this week.

So, if you take in the fact that I started the weekend with dinner and a play on Friday night, Saturday I had a massage, took lunch and spent time with an indisposed friend, stitched and sewed, had dinner with my best friend for her birthday (with TraderVic and her husband) and then on Sunday I went for an early morning walk, did the supermarket shopping, had lunch with my girlfriends, cooked up a storm in the afternoon and then sewed and stitched - I had a busy weekend!  (You might note that no mention of housework is made! lol!).

Well, off to work in five mins.



Melody said…
Sounds like a great weekend
Stitching Noni said…
Wow, what an exhausting weekend.... But a full and enjoyable one I'll bet!!!
Have a great week ;)
Hugs x
Margaret said…
Sounds like a fun if busy weekend. Want to rub some of that love of cooking off on me? I hate cooking. lolol!
Linda said…
Nice progress on Santa Kaye. You'll catch us in no time on those. Oh boy, all that food you made sure looks yummy.

Linda said…
Forgot to mention - just reading about your weekend made me tired.

Barb said…
Sounds like a great week-end to me! All the food looks yummy and you are fairly set for the week!
Catherine said…
Always fun to read of your adventures and see the yummy foods you eat!
cucki said…
Sound like a lovely weekend x
WOW great food and company! Love your stitching progress. It;s looking so pretty.
love Annette
Amazing weekend! Great stitching progress, and I bet it was lovely to catch up with all your friends :D
Chris said…
You had a wonderful weekend! What a lovely lunch out and your cooking looks yum. So does the stitching :)
Vickie said…
I had pea and ham soup yesterday! Yum, yum. :)
Thoeria said…
Sounds like an absolutely blissful and wonderful weekend Kaye :) Haven't had beef olives for a're giving me an idea now :)
Shirlee said…
Definitely a lovely weekend! I love pea soup with ham : )

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