Happy Mother's Day and Weekend round up....

Unfortunately our weekend away in Ballarat for the Heritage Weekend had to be cancelled as my dear uncle had the flu. Luckily, he is on the mend but not up to having guests and running around to lots of events.  So, TraderVic and I had a free weekend all of a sudden - what bliss!

So, yesterday, I baked and sewed (natch!)

I made a Koffee Kake (called that because I put my initial on it).

And I stitched a bit on my Saturday SAL - Fall Welcome -



I have also been stitching on "Her Sampler" which is a freebie from BlackBird Designs.  You can get it here.

So, I was stitching along beautifully and then I realised that I had mucked up 26 of the pink four-sided eyelet stitches on the left.  Can you see?  The bottom halves are bigger than the top half (a bit like me, really!)
So, it went from this ....

to this.....

... to this.......  I am going backwards! Aaaagghhh!

Oh well, we live and learn, don't we!

I also managed to clean out my pantry on Saturday - the oldest item I found was a tin of Nesquik - use by 2007!
Ooh, just while I think of it - here are the lovely flowers which TraderVic gave me for our anniversary - 32 years of wedded bliss.  Aren't they lovely?

... and this is the delicious Aperol Spritz with which we toasted our happiness.

 Now, as you all know - today is Mother's Day.  Well, my two youngest (DD and DS2), made me a delicious brunch and gave me some lovely tulips.

... and then DS1 and his girlfriend popped in and gave me some new salt and pepper grinders (my request as our old set had broken) and some more beautiful flowers!

This is my first Mother's Day without my Mum, so I have placed her picture near the beautiful vase of flowers.  Love you, Mum.  And love, you my three darling children.

Well, after my lovely brunch, TraderVic decided we needed to go out and clean out the gutters!  So, it was time to get down and dirty!  I did think it was a bit rich on Mother's Day!

So, tonight I am cooking Corned Beef with mashed potato, carrots, peas and Creamy onion sauce! Delish!

Then, it will either watching The Voice and/or Masterchef or maybe both whilst I stitch on my 12 Days of Santa Day 4 SAL.  How lucky am I!

Here is Furio showing great interest in watching The Voice with me.... lol!

 ... and here is my progress on Snata's 12 Days of Christmas (PS), Day 4.


After my stitching session (which turned out to be shorter than I had hoped for as we had a black out)....

Anyway, I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mums out there.



Vickie said…
Happy Mother's Day Kaye! What a wonderful one you had. Your children are great!
Happy Mother's Day, Kaye! Great stitching too :D
AnaCristina said…
Happy Mother's Day!!
cucki said…
Happy Mother's Day dear x
cucki said…
Happy mothers day dear x
What a shame the frog came a visiting, it's very frustrating to rip out speciality stitches too as they require much more effort!

You certainly got some beautiful flowers. I wonder why Australia follows the US for Mother's Day rather than the UK? Just random wonderings!!
Linda said…
I want to come and have dinner with you and dessert. The food all looks yummy Kaye. Nice progress on our SAL pieces. Sorry the frog came by. Maybe he was mad because you wouldn't share dinner with him.
Lovely flowers.

Christine M said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Kaye. Happy Mother's Day to you.
Anonymous said…
Lovely post Kaye,love those tulips.xx
Marsha said…
Happy Mothers Day Kaye! That darn frog. It was moving right along too. Your getting lots of stitching done. Lots of pretty flowers.
Shirlee said…
Lovely post my friend!
Chris said…
Wow! Another great weekend! Yummy food, sweet cat and stitching, perfect!
The flowers from TV and DDs are so pretty.
KimM said…
Wow - congratulations on your anniversary. I understand how you feel about the firth Mother's Day without your mother. It was the same for me, too. I wasn't sure I cold make it through mass without breaking down, so sat close to the door. Mom must have been there with me, as I made it through without having to leave. Visited her grave and then the tears came. Anyway - lovely stitching, as always.
Hugs from Iowa, USA
Angela P said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

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