Annual Cockatoo visit, Fall Welcome and The Moor's Head....

Every year these Sulphur Cockatoos come to visit our Cedar Pine Tree and eat the pine cones.

They descend as a flock, make lots of noise and lots of mess on the garden below.

My autumn garden.

Last night we went out for dinner with my very dearest friend, Kim for her birthday.  We went to The Moor's Head in Thornbury where you can have "inauthentic pizza". Their little joke, as it is Middle Eastern pizza as opposed to Italian. Below you can see the remnants of some Manoushe and Pide plus our dessert of turkish delight and Persian fairy floss.  The fairy floss is like skeins of wool.  Kim and I speculated that I could knit a jumper out of it but you would have to stay out of the rain!  I also tried Pear Cider for the first time and it was delicious!

Lastly,  I finally got back to my Saturday SAL with Linda and Debbie - Diane Arthur's Fall Welcome!

 Yesterday, in the afternoon, I also spent some time visiting a friend who was hit by a car on her way home from work a few week's back.  Her leg was broken in two places so she is pretty much stuck at home at the moment.  I took her a nice lunch and we watched one of my favourite movies - Practical Magic - together.  She had never seen it before but she really liked it, too.



Sweet delight in a little Turkish plate and pink fairy sugary floss that I looooove!AriadnefromGreece!
Christine M said…
The fairy floss looks so pretty. Much too sweet for me!
Loved Practical Magic! Hope it cheered your poor friend up. Lovely to see the birds in the garden even if they are messy. Beautiful stitching too.
Linda said…
What great bird pics Kaye. I think I'll stick with Italian pizza. lol
Nice progress on Fall Welcome. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she mends quickly.

Barb said…
You are such a nice friend. I love the movie Practical Magic! It is one I watch each year near Halloween time. What a fun dinner. That pear cider looks good!!
Margaret said…
Your poor friend! ouch! Glad you got a visit in with her. Great stitching. It still amazes me that you have wild cockatoos. So exotic to me! lol!
Anthea said…
Hello Kaye - yes those gangs of Cockies like to make a mess, but they do look good all together like that!
I'm sure your friend appreciates the time you spent together, how unfortunate for her, I hope she has a sound recovery from her injuries.
Take Care, Anthea
Sounds like you had a good time! That's beautiful stitching and the food looks delicious. Any time you want to have "authentic" Middle Eastern food, you should come over here! :D
Shirlee said…
I can imagine the mess those birds make but how neat that a flock of them visits you every year! I will stick with the Italian pizza, thank you : ) I do hope your friend recovers soon. So nice of you to go cheer her up for a bit ... I'm sure she really appreciated it!
Chris said…
Wow! Those birds!
It looks like you had a lovely evening out. Yummo!
I hope that your friend recovers quickly. So nice to watch a good movie together.
Lovely stitching.
Vickie said…
Wow! That is so neat that cockatoos visit you yearly. Love the pink Fairy Floss. Good for you visiting with your poor friend.
KimM said…
WOW! Wild cockatoos! How cool is that? Glad you could visit with your friend. Nice sticking - hugs
cucki said…
Wow ...
Sound like you had a lovely time :)
Sweet birds...sending you big hugs and your friend love too
Catherine said…
Love the bird pics! Oohhhh...that food looks good! Love Practical Magic ~ I'm sure it cheered your friend!
That pink stuff is food?? Really? It looks ... interesting and full of sugar!

I hope your friend makes a speedy recovery and that she enjoyed your visit.
It seems so amazing to me that you have cockatoos in your yard, in our part of the world you only ever see the poor things in cages; how I'd love to see them in the wild (mess and all!) Interesting looking dinner you had and you are a very good friend to take your home bound friend out and treat her to a movie, love Practical Magic too!
Brigitte said…
These birds look fantastic, just from another world - and for me they are from another world. It's always amazing for me to see how different the fauna is in different parts of the world.

Oh, I forgot hat you ar also stitching that pretty design by Diane Arthurs. I really love it.

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