Ciao Italia - Holiday Post #9 - Italy Post # 1

Wow!  We have finally made it out of Singapore and are now in Italy as I still bore entertain you with out overseas trip.  Here we go....

On our way to Como, we had a very quick stopover in Milan (just one night).

We had a very quirky hotel.  This is the corridor to our room:

Our Milan room.

The view from our room - yes, we are in Italy!

Lovely decor in the lobby.

The courtyard.

The streets of Milan:

Milan Centrale Railway Station where we caught our train to our next stop - Como.

Beautiful station, isn't it?  We didn't see much of Milan but what I did see I liked.  Also, it reminded me a bit of Melbourne as we could hear trams from our hotel room.  Ahh, the sounds of home!



Margaret said…
Wow! So different from Singapore. lol! Very beautiful! The hotel looks really nice! You sure did a lot of traveling!
Barb said…
What fascinating photos. I loved seeing the market place! That corridor to your room was very interesting!! Thanks so much for sharing these interesting pictures!
Linda said…
Awesome pictures as always Kaye.

cucki said…
Wow so beautiful x
Thank you for the tour of Milan Kaye, I won't be getting there any time soon so appreciate the virtual visit!
Chris said…
I love traveling with you.
Vickie said…
Oh how different! The hotel is really, really neat.
Great pictures! :D
Anonymous said…
Lovely pics Kaye thankyou for sharing.xx
KimM said…
What an incredible trip!!! I'm so enjoying your pictures and narration. Thank you, Kaye!!
diamondc said…
Kaye: What a charming hotel, I must visit Italy soon the shopping looks fabulous.
I hope your trip is a fantastic one.

Thoeria said…
Lovely pics Kaye :) That market is just calling me to come on over and spend!
Angela P said…
I have always wanted to visit Italy! Lovely pics :)

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