May 28th - time for a TUSAL update and a Smalls SAL update.. and my "E" giveaway winner.....

Two of my regular updates happen to fall on the same day - May 28th (shh! don't tell anyone I am posting this on May 29th) - TUSAL and Smalls SAL.

What are these, I hear you ask, well, a TUSAL is a Totally Useless Stitch A Long, where we collect our ORTs (Old Raggedy Threads) each month - it is sort of like a record of how much ( or little) we have stitched.  It is run by the wonderful Daffycat and you can check out all of the other TUSALers on her blog It's Daffycat.

Also each month I participate in the Smalls SAL run by Stitching Lotus.  On the last Wednesday of each month we post about the Small/s we have stitched for that month.  (A Small being whatever you like but just not a big project).

So, here we go:

TUSAL update.....  the red kitten tin is my home ORTs and the little pink tin is my train ORTs.

These are my Smalls finishes for this month:

A FINAL FINISH on Spring Witch, Haunted House and an exchange piece so I cannot show you all of it:

Now for the winner of my "E" Giveaway.....

... and the winner is....

the lovely Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

Congratulations, Jo, 

Jo will be stitching the "E"  "for my friend's daughter Emily. All four of my friend's children have an ASD and the older girl always said she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up. The teachers laughed but this girl now swims for her country in the youth team. I wanted to stich her the K mermaid (when it gets released) so I would stitch this one for Emily so she doesn't feel left out. I don't think the boys are bothered..."

How lovely, Jo, so many people had wonderful reasons for wanting to stitch the "E" but luckily I didn't have to choose - Mr Random Organiser did it for me!

Have a great day everyone, 



Anonymous said…
congrats to Jo and boy Kaye you do such beautiful work.xx
Jacquie Morris said…
love your stitching... cute Halloween things :)
Well done Jo... happy stitching :)
Smiles :)
Rachaeldaisy said…
I love your Spring witch. she's so floaty and sweet. Congratulations to Jo for winning the E.
Pamela said…
Nice finishes!
Beautiful stitching! Congrats to Jo!
love Annette
Margaret said…
Love that witch! Love the ORT box too! Congrats to Jo!
Barb said…
From the ORT box, it looks like you have done quite a bit of stitching. Spring witch is so cute. Congratulations toe the "E" winner.
Linda said…
Great finishes and orts Kaye. Congrats to Jo.

cucki said…
Congrats to Jo
Sweet stitches and lovely orts
Hugs x
Mii Stitch said…
Congrats to Jo & pretty crosses as always!
Great stitching and congrats to Jo!
KimM said…
Congrats to Jo - the "E" pattern is so pretty. Kaye, your finishes and stitching are so pretty. Well done!
Congrats to Jo! And that's some beautiful stitching, Kaye :D
Meri said…
Really nice works, congrats :)
Melody said…
Great stitching - love that little spring witch
Cute! Greetings from Ireland
AnaCristina said…
I am late for tusal. I will post on sunday.
Wendy said…
lots of stitching going on over here! I LOVE that bunny with the witch
Congratulations to me!! I am so happy to win this lovely chart. Thank you Mr R.O.

Nice little ORTS tin too.
Faith... said…
Love how you finished Spring Witch - it looks great! Great TUSAL containers - they are filling up quickly.
Elunia said…
Nice finishes.
Greetings from Poland :)
Brigitte said…
Love your little witch and the haunted house finishes. What great designs Maja from Snowflower Diaries has. I also love to stitch her smalls.
Lija Broka said…
I have the same exact tin box (just for my needles). You have some wonderful the Snowflower Diaries stitching.
Stitching Noni said…
Lovely comment from Jo for your giveaway - congrats :o)
Love the Nora Corbett designs, can't wait to see what Jo does with it!
Your finishes are lovely - great pillow finish on your witch. I just remember I haven't posted how I finished my witch in the end! :o)
Hugs xx

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