April 2018 IHSW and FNSI ....

Okay, a slightly late IHSW and FNSI post but c'est la vie!

FNSI first:

I started my Friday Frolics and FNSI last Friday wrestling Furio for control of my stitching - lol!  He really is my stitching cat!

I am pleased to say that I won the tussle (yay! I could beat a cat a 100 times smaller than me - lol!) and managed a finish before my Friday morning coffee group.

Sorry, I did iron it but it still looks a little crumpled!  I made a few changes to the original  - see below - I hope that you like them.

Then it was onto my Temperature SAL.....



Pretty happy, quite a bit achieved on this SAL piece.  So, a successful FNSI!

Now, for  IHSW:

For the rest of IHSW, I focused on my Temperature SAL and here is how I went:



 ... and I even picked it up again on Tuesday evening and did a bit more. This is coming along so nicely, I feel.

If you would like to find out more about IHSW, please click on Hermie below:

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Random Ramblings IHSW Link UP post  (sorry, this is still the March post as Joysze has not had time yet to put up the April post)

... and if you would like to find out more about FNSI, please click on the pic below:

... and if you want to find out what the other FNSIers were stitching, click on the link below:


P.S. I am having ANOTHER Girl's Nest Giveaway (#6), click on the pic below if you would like to enter.  Closes May 31st.


Anonymous said…
Good morning Kaye oh wow i love your framed stitchery it looks fantastic and your SAL piece looks great well done xx
Margaret said…
Both pieces look great!
butterfly said…
Lovely stitching Kaye great colours on both , enjoy your weekend .
Lovely stitching Kaye! You must have a lot of patience :) xx
Julie said…
Pretty stitching.
Barb said…
Such lovely stitching!
Brigitte said…
Great stitching, Kaye. This temperature SAL piece already looks so very special with the different colours. And I'm looking forward to seeing it by the end of the year.
Mary said…
I love the changes on your winter finish and your temperature garden is just beautiful.
The Winter finish looks lovely with the blue.

Great work on your Temperature SAL too. You have a lot of variety in the colours! I do love those little spools.

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