A sort of/Sorting Girl's Nest Giveaway #6

As you all know from my Grand Designs Eaglemont posts TraderVic and I are trying to clean out our house - we need to get rid of so much clutter that has accumulated over the past twenty years by the seven people that lived here in that time!

So, this means some of my stitching stuff, too.  I am trying to be ruthless with pattern books and patterns that I have either stitched already or am no longer interested... so, watch this space over the next couple of months - even more giveaways may come your way.

Hang onto your hats, this is a big one.... there are ELEVEN prizes to be won!
All are available to be sent worldwide and you can enter in any or all of them. But please do comment clearly on this post which one/s you are interested in.

Giveaway #1:  Summer Rose Quilt pattern book + some Signature panels for the back of a quilt.

Giveaway #2: The Victorian Language of Flowers bell pull.

Giveaway #3: Fa La La by Little House Needleworks (part of the All Dolled Up series) -  Lightly used and no beads.

Giveaway #4: Petite French Stockings by JBW Designs (lightly used).

Giveaway #5: Liberty Starburst by Summer House Stitche Workes (lightly used and yes, it was an earlier Giveaway on the Americana blog but I lost the design for a while and when I found it again I contacted the person I was going to send it to you but she has decided that she doesn't want it after all, so now it is up for grabs again).

Giveaway #6: In a Garden by Homespun Elegance (lightly used - now I have a vague memory that maybe I promised this design to someone but if so I have no idea who but if that person knows who they are and contacts me, it will, of course be theirs).

Giveaway #7: Le petit marin by Les Jardins de Nana

Giveaway #8: Fee de Noel by Les Jardins de Nana

Giveaway #9: Le Chat 2 by Les Jardins de Nana

Giveaway #10: Little Lamb Kit, part of the Spring Bouquet Collection by Mill Hill (sans floss but contains the magnet and a square of brown cardboard).

 Giveaway #11: Three freebie patterns from magazines....

Please comment CLEARLY, on this post if you are interested in any or all of the eleven giveaway items.  I will use the random generator to choose who gets what.  

Ooops, almost forgot to say:  if you are a no-reply-commenter, please make sure that you include either your email address or your blog address or both in your comment.  This is so that I have a way of contacting you if you are lucky enough to win one of the prizes.

You have until the end of the May, i.e. May 31 to enter.



Kay said…
Thank you for sharing your lovely stash. I am interested in numbers 3 and 4. x
butterfly said…

Thank you for your kindness I would love the chance of Number 2 .
Enjoy your day .
rosek1870 said…
Thank you so very much! I'd be interested in number 3 and 4.
Rose K.
H.M. said…
What a lovely idea! I am interested in number 4.
hrkoehler said…
What a wonderful way of sharing, I like #5, 10 & 11.

Thank you.
Thank you for your de-stashing. I am interested in #3 and #9.
stitchinrose said…
Always enjoy your site. This is such fun, I like numbers 2, 3, 9 and 11. You are so brave to de-stash.
Linda said…
What an awesome giveaway Kaye. I am interested in #11.

Mel J. said…
Quite the de-stash you have started. Thanks for sending out the love to others :) I would be interested in #3, #5, and #9.
Ariadne said…
You are being so generous again! I am interested mainly in number 11 because of the kokeshi dolls, but also in 3 and 6.Thank you.AriadnefromGreece!
Tiffstitch said…
Wow, that is quite the clear out. I'm interested in #11. Good luck!
Cathy said…
I also need to do a clean out! The giveaway charts are lovely, but I'm only really interested in #10. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
You're so generous to offer another giveaway! Could you please enter me in the drawings for #3 and #9? Thank you!
co coya said…
Thank you so very much! I'd be interested in number 3 and 4.
Sherrie said…
Hi Kaye,
Thanks for stopping by my place. Your comment on my Satin Stitch is so true, I can't seem to keep my lines straight. All your give-a-ways are beautiful. I would like to be put in the drawing for #2 - The Victorian Language of Flowers bell pull. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great day!

My Blog........http://100sweets.blogspot.com/

You can find my email in my side bar with my greeting.
Stitching Noni said…
More goodies!!! I would love to go into the draw for #3, 5, 9, & 10 :)
Thank you :)
Have a great weekend
Hugs x
Meari said…
#3, #6, #11 - What a great giveway!!
Meari said…
P.S. Good luck with your destashing!
Love #1... not that I really NEED any more quilt patterns, but it is really pretty :)
What a great idea to de-stash this way and bless others...
Sheryl S. said…
Another generous giveaway Kaye. I am interested in #2.
Mia said…
Congratulations for the great give away, Kaye. Thank you so much for the chance to win. All the items are great, but I am really interested in number 1 (because I love quilt patterns and I do not have a book), number 4 (because I love stockings), number 6 (because I love gardens), number 7 (because I love nautical themes), number 8 (because I love fairies), number 10 (because lamps are my favourite animals) and number 11 (because these patterns look gorgeous). Hugs, my friend.
Lin said…
Numbers 1, 5 and 8 appeal to me. What a great way to reduce your stash, thanks. xx
Barb said…
How generous! 3,4,or 5 would be great prizes for me.
jhm said…
I would love a chance at #5. I am working on doing a lot of patriotic items to become my "collection". This would fit nicely. THank you for the chance.
PS I haven't posted about the "collection" yet. I'm still gathering.
Natureluvr57 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natureluvr57 said…
I have never seen the 3 Kittens, 3 Mittens chart before. What are you stitching the tortoiseshell with? I would love to stitch #6 but if not available, # 10 is adorable. Have a great day
Frances N said…
I need to clean out, just like you are doing! However, (haha) I would love to enter for #4-sweet little stockings! Thank you for a chance!
francesstitches@gmail.com I keep finding myself to be no reply....such a pain!

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