High jinks in the Speigeltent....

 As part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, TraderVic and I went with our dear friends, Marie and Tony to an acrobatic show in the Speigeltent ....

Now, as I said to Tony when we arrived outside the tent and saw a large number of young children lined up with their parents and grandparents, maybe the fact that it was an acrobatic show on at 3.15pm on a Wednesday afternoon should have alerted us to it being a children's show!

Nevertheless, inside we went, rather sheepishly as the only adults without a bodyguard of children, and took our seats and prepared ourselves for amusement - which we got in spades.  Whilst the story line was silly and very pantomime-like, the actual acrobats and juggling, etc were a lot of fun and most entertaining.

It was all rather silly but a lot of fun nevertheless.  We were finished by 4pm so it was off to the riverside for a couple of relaxing drinks on an perfect Autumn Melbourne evening then an early dinner and home by 7.30pm!  (Who says that we don't live an exciting life?)



Brigitte said…
Good for you that you had some fun at the show although it was made up for children. :))
Beautiful experience!
Mia said…
I am glad you had so much fun, Kaye. Keep on living an exciting life!!! Hugs, my friend.

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