Summer Postcard Blog Hop ....

Hello lovely bloggers - long time no post!

That is because I am even crazier busy than my last post - hence no posting for weeks.

Aaagghh!  Please take all apologies and explanations for not posting sooner as given in this last post here.

Life seems to picking up an even quicker pace with freelance writing deadlines (well and truly met - phew!), the house building is hotting up (very exciting) and two trips to Sydney for extended weekends in the space of five weeks! 

As well, that fall I wrote about in my last post seems to have had a worse effect on my body than I had first thought as I bruised the ligaments in the top of my right foot and this makes it very painful to walk (and even drive the car!) plus my adductor injury keeps flaring up - so still feeling a bit depressed about all of that!

But ... as I said, the house is coming along beautifully (pics to come soon) and there has been lots of stitching happening (more pics to come soon!).

However, today, we are here to celebrate the wonderful Summer Postcard Blog Hop organised by my gorgeous stitchy, bloggy online friend Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  Jo is truly an inspirational stitcher and blogger - she certainly keeps us all on our toes with her great ideas for online blog hops and challenges plus the wonderful, wonderful stitching that she showcases on her blog each and every post - love you, Jo.

For the Summer Postcard Blog Hop, each of the participants sent Jo a photo of a stitched piece that screamed "Summer" and then Jo would randomly send these out to one of the other participants.

Here is the digital postcard which I received:

This postcard was stitched by the gorgeous Astrid of Dragon Stitches and Stuff and her note to me is below:

Hi Hon! 
From the beautiful mountains in the west, to the boardwalks and beaches in the east, there's plenty to see and do here! 
Known for blue crabs, Old Bay spice, square pizza from Ledo's, the Baltimore Orioles ⚾️, the Baltimore Ravens 🏈(although not my team!), and those stunning fall colours at Deep Creek Lake, you can't go wrong visiting here. And hey, we've got The Stitching Post in Catonsville, come shop with me! 
Hugs & stitches,

This is a great choice of postcard for me, thank you Jo and Astrid, for as you all know I am crazy for Americana stitching and I really love this stitched map of Maryland - Astrid, who is the designer?  This is really lovely my dear, thank you so much!

Here are the links again for visiting:

I am hoping to get back into regular posting again now - wish me luck!

lots of love to you all and hugs, 

P.S. I have sent all of the gifts to the recipients of my last giveaway - a few have been received already - yay!


Barb said…
You are not alone Kaye. Sometimes life does get in the way of blogging. I had been thinking about you and are glad to hear you are ok(relatively) and just busy. I do hope all the pains get much better soon.
Brigitte said…
Oh my, those bruised ligaments don't sound good. It's not funny to be in pain when walking or driving the car. I hope that you will soon be completely healed.
It's a great postcard you received from Astrid.
Christine said…
Such a lovely postcard!
I hope your foot is healing well
Mary said…
Kaye, I hope your well on your way to healing and looking forward to an updated post from you.
Great postcard from Astrid!! Nothing like sitting at a newpapercovered table and enjoying Maryland crabs cooked with Old Bay!! That says Summer to me!
Vickie said…
Oh Kaye, I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. I do look forward to house pictures though. What a fantastic postcard!
Carol said…
Wow! That sounds like one busy, busy month, Kaye. And doing all that while in pain couldn't have been easy. I hope you heal soon! And I'm glad your new home is growing nicely--look forward to the photos!

Happy September to you!
Dianne said…
Hope your pain goes away soon. I love to blog too, but I spend all day at work on the computer and when I get home I find it hard to get back on the computer. Looking forward to your next post.
Dear Kaey, I'm sorry to read badly. I wish you early recovery! It is also necessary to relax, not just to work. I look forward to photos from a new house.
rosey175 said…
Whew, don't you ever take a break! Hopefully you are on the way to recovery now and that the house growing continues smoothly. Your Americana postcard is great. I've only passed through Hagerstown on the way to Pennsylvania.
Ariadne said…
Such a lovely postcard! I visited Maryland!I especially liked Annapolis!AriadnefromGreece!
Astrids dragon said…
Thanks, dear Kaye!
I hope you start feeling better soon, especially when you need to walk and drive.
I made this for my parents years ago, it's a Sue Hill Design, She also does countries and other cute things too. Maybe you'll find something you can't resist?!
Thanks for taking part in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop and yay for me for getting you blogging again!
Sorry to hear about the injury though, you must take better care of yourself!
Julie said…
Fabulous postcard, what a treat to receive that in your inbox.
FlashinScissors said…
Oops, catching up on my blog reading! Sorry to read about your injuries ..... hope you are recovering now!
What a wonderful postcard and message from Astrid!
Barbara xx
DJ said…
What a fun postcard you received from Astrid. We actually live in the same state so I can vouch for everything she said about Maryland! I hope everything goes well that has been keeping you busy, and that you are feeling better soon!

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