Still sick.... nothing more to say!

Hello lovely bloggers,

Furio thanks you for all the lovely comments you made - he is rather proud of his stripey tail.  He is a gorgeous cat, who is great company and his antics keep us all amused.

Well, sorry to say, I am still sick - I can't believe it.  I actually made it into work today but literally coughed the entire 40 minute car ride.  When I got in, my boss took one look at me and said "What are you doing here?" So, I stayed for a meeting which I had to attend and then came home to work at home.  I have never been this unwell for so long before - it is most debilitating.

Thank you, everyone for the good wishes you have been sending my way.  Also, hello to my new followers.

Anyway, no stitching to show pics of - maybe tomorrow.

But, don't forget my 'Just because' Giveaway, it closes in five days - you can check it out here.

Also, I am nearly at a 100 followers - if I reach 100 by the time the Giveaway closes I will have a second prize to giveaway - not sure what yet but I will think of something good.  So spread the word.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


CindyMae said…
Sure hope you get to feeling better soon!!! )))HUGS(((
cucki said…
oh dear..sending you lots of hugs and more get well soon wishes..i hope u feel better soon..hugs xx
Charity C. said…
I hope you feel better soon! I hate to be sick! Sending you my best wishes!
Linda said…
Kaye, I hope you start feeling better soon. Me and my furbabies are sending hugs. Please give me another entry in your giveaway.

sharine said…
Big Hugs! Hope you are feeling better soon.
Ewa said…
Oh no! You know when your boss tells you to go home - it's bad.

Once I showed up at work and my co-worker said, "I see you haven't used your under eye dark circle concealer today."

I had. :(

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