There are some awful thieves out there....

Hello lovely bloggers,

I warn you - I am about to have a rant!

About a month ago, our credit card, which has a fairly large limit as we use it for large purchases, had its details stolen and the rotten thieves were trying to use it all over the world!  Anyway, the bank were really good about it and the credit card was cancelled and we waited patiently for our new one.

So, my husband has a second card, with a small limit to use on the internet, so I decided that I would get myself one with a small limit from my credit union so that I could buy cross stitch designs, etc over the internet.  So, after lots of fiddly around with the credit union - I finally got one.  Now, I have used it for about a week and a half and then this morning I get a call from the Fraud department - the details of the new card had been stolen!!!!! There are thieves and rotters out there, that is all I can say!

Thanks for 'listening' to my rant!

On another whingey note, I am still under the weather - I have a chesty cough, a rotten sore throat and no voice. Luckily, I am working from home, writing, the next two days, so my work days will be easier.

But I do want to thank all you lovely bloggers for all the kind wishes, thoughts and virtual cups of tea and mugs of soup that you have been sending my way.  It is lovely to have everyone's support.

Anyway, off to stitch now,

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

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P.P.S. I have finished the second Stevie Duveen novel - not as good as the first one, unfortunately.

P.P.P.S.  7 for 7 for NaBloPoMo!  Yay!

Hugs again, Kaye


cucki said…
hello dear, i hope u get well soon..more get well wishes for you..
oh dear ia m so sorry about your credit is so sad..i hate it when somebody do these type of is all very scary..i hope the bank people sort this out soon..i am thinking how they getting all our details..??
GOD saves us all from these thieves (amen)
lots of love and hugs for you xxx
SoCal Debbie said…
I don't know how those thieves do it! This happened to my daughter twice! The thieves used an actual card with her number, even though she had her card with her and was in a completely different state or country when the fake card was being used elsewhere!

Please give me another entry. You're doing great on NaBloPoMo!
Cindy said…
awwww (heating up chicken soup and tea to send to you)...i hope you can get your crud to head down the road...its over stayed its time at your house for sure!!!

And I hear you loud and clear about the is sooooo frustrating and so much work for those that have done nothing :(....wish there was a better solution! good luck :D
Wagapapa said…
When I made my first online shopping I opened a Paypal account and have never had problems with that thieves because all pages use paypal nowadays.

Get well soon!
Anne said…
Sorry to hear about those dirty rotten thieves! I'm glad that your cc company and bank were quick to respond. Drink lots of that tea and get better! Great job with the post everyday challenge!

Linda said…
Hi Kaye, Still sending welll wishes. My husband lost his wallet about 15 years ago. The cc's were maxed out, but they still managed to put about $300. worth of charges on them. The banks took care of it.
Please give me another entry in your awesome giveaway.

Mangogirl said…
What an awful run of luck! it's so foul how some people will never work for their own money and just use other people's hard earned money to make their way.
Ewa said…
Oh no, that's terrible! I had a credit card that got stolen. Then another one got stolen, too. I got both of them replaced and the second one I got replaced got stolen again. People are ridiculous. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Hang in there!
Joysze said…
Are you feeling better, Kaye?

YIKES!!! So sorry to hear about the CC. That really sucks. :(

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