Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop....

Are you planning to see the new Halloween Movie?  If so, it won't be with me!  I find Horror movies far too scary!!!!!!

but I do love to take part in a fun Hallowe'en Blog Hop!

.. every Hallowe'en the redoubtable Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts a fun and fabulously Spooky Hallowe'en Blog Hop.

You need to follow the letters from blog to blog to spell out a Spooky Saying to win the prize.

So, here goes, my letter is:

... and you need to hop over to Ishkabibble to find out the next letter.

This is what I would like to stitch as my next Big Hallowe'en project - it was gifted to me by my dear stitchy friend, Anna (no blog).

You can check out all of the Hallowe'en Spookiness at this post on Jo's blog.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone, 


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Julie said…
I'm not a horror fan either, so i'll be joining you for a fun film instead.
Nice new design you were gifted, that'll be a fun stitch.
cheryl said…
Enjoy stitching your new project. Happy Halloween!
When skeletons dance does look like super fun stitch. Enjoy, and thanks for the letter.
xo Alicia
Mary said…
I'll pass on the scary movies! What a fun stitch When SKeletons Dance is! Such a fun blog hop!!
Sheryl S. said…
I´m not a scary movie fan either but I like the Skeletons Dance piece. Thanks for the letter.
RJ said…
Your next Halloween piece to stitch is a great design. I think you will have a lot of fun stitching it Kaye. Enjoy the hop! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
Thanks for taking part in the Hallowe'en Blog Hop this year.
That's an awesome design. This hop is so enabling!
rosey175 said…
I don't like scary movies either but it's mostly because I get interested in totally weird things that have nothing to do with the story LOL. Maybe it's a defense mechanism!

That witch has an unusual way of flying on her broomstick ahaha

Thank you for the letter and Happy Halloween!
Aimetu Clare said…
I'm not a scary fan either but I enjoy the cute side of Halloween, thanks for the letter
Christine said…
Nice sampler - I look forward to seeing your progress
Thanks for the letter
Astrids dragon said…
Oh yes, I'll be watching it! Maybe not at the theater, but definitely at home.
That will be a great piece to stitch, hopefully in time for next year?
I don't watch horror movies, they give me nightmares. thanks for the letter hugs
Katie said…
I'm haunting my way through collecting letters. I love scary movies. I will see the new Halloween movie but probably later when it comes out on DVD. The new piece you have to stitch is very nice. Good luck with it.
jocondine said…
No scary movies for me! Thanks for the letter, the pattern you choose is very nice, hope we'll see it on the blog soon. Amitiés.
Ariadne said…
I love Drawn Thread patterns.Thanks for the letter.AriadnefromGreece!
Brigitte said…
No horror movie for me either. It would leave me sleepless for several nights, I think, lol.
Your new Drawn Thread project is so beautiful.
Bethan said…
I am really not a horror movie fan either! I think I spent Hallowe'en watching a baking show if I'm honest x
I'm not a big fan of scary movies either - and certainly not in a dark cinema! Thank you for the letter.

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