DAY 2 GIFT NOW SHOWING: 11 Days of Kaisievics' Birthday Giveaway.....


Well, it is my birthday but I want to be the one to GIVE some presents away rather than RECEIVE all the time.  I have been planning to have a giveaway for a while but you know me, busy, busy, busy!

So, I haven't quite had time to put it all together as I would like but here goes:

As my birthday is on the 11th - there will be 11 GIFTS of various shapes and sizes - I will post a pic every day for the next 11 days (starting today) of a different GIFT that you can win.  I will update on THIS post each day - so please come back each day to check out each GIFT.

What you need to do is:
  1. Keep checking out the post for updates each day.
  2. Comment on the post telling me CLEARLY which gift you would like to win - you can enter as many times as you like for as many gifts as you like but you can only win ONE GIFT.
  3. You don't have to be a FOLLOWER to win but if you want to start Following my blog that would be lovely.
  4. If you mention my Giveaway on your blog, that would also be lovely. Please come back and tell me if you do and you will get an extra entry.
  5. I am happy to send my GIFTS anywhere in the world.
  6. The draw will be sometime after October, 21st.
I think that is all the "rules" so now on to the Gift-giving:

11 Days of Kaisievic's Birthday Giveaway DAY ONE:

A gorgeous cookbook  - Coming Home by Cathy Armstrong:

"In Coming Home, Cathy Armstrong shares her favourite recipes from a lifetime of cherished moments, alongside homespun craft projects and cherished memories.
Cathy's food philosophy is simple: to cook well, you need a generous heart.  InComing Home she pays tribute to the people that have inspired and shaped this belief – her much-loved nana, whose kitchen all too often resembled a 'wonderfully messy jam factory', the unsung heroes of the neighbourhood garden fete with their limitless donations of sponge cakes and knitted babies' bonnets, and her parents, who taught her that honest, heartfelt cooking is the key to a truly memorable meal.

Along the way, Cathy shares more than 80 recipes, from comforting breakfasts such as crumpets with orange blossom honey and whipped lavender butter, to special-occasion dishes such as baked lamb saddle with feta, beetroot and mint salad, and gravlax on zucchini pancakes.  There are also handmade accessories to delight and inspire, including patchwork potholders, adorable egg cosies and a stylish shopping bag.

This warm-hearted, whimsical book celebrates the comfort to be found in coming home and the food that makes us glad to be there."

Here are some sneak peeks inside:

 Doesn't it look gorgeous?  Just comment on this post if you would like to win this beautiful book.


by R &P
These are three lovely designs in one folder of birds and animals
A Squirrel
An Owl
A Bird

Sorry that the photos are so blurry and shadowed but I had to take them at night.

Now remember that you can enter for either Day's Gift and the upcoming days by commenting on this post and you can enter for as many Gifts as you like (but you can only win one Gift), but please be CLEAR about which ones you are interested in.

OOOps, how did Furio sneak in - no, he is not a Gift!  This is him warming himself on the clothes on top of the heating vent with the sun shining in on him - cosy and warm!

Watch this space for Day 3's gift......



Margaret said…
Well happy birthday to you! What a sweetheart to have 11 days of giveaways to celebrate! I hope you get lots of presents too!
Happy Birthday!

Gift 1 - a cookbook, only if it comes with an actual cook to do the cooking LOL. It does look like it has beautiful photographs in it. I'll pass and hope someone who enjoys cookery wins this lovely prize. And sends me a cake from it!
lesli said…
This is so much fun! A huge happy birthday to you, Kaye!
Nicola said…
How very generous of you.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Kaye
Happy Birthday to You.
AnaCristina said…
Happy birthday to you!!!!
The gift is only for who lives in australia?
Bea said…
What a sweetie you are Kaye to make your birthday a time for giving - and 11 days worth!

I would love this cookbook. Not that I cook much, but I have a good friend who loves to spend time in her kitchen and I would love to give her recipes from Australia.
Bea said…
Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday! I blogged about this, so I hope you get some new followers.
Happy Birthday Kaye! i love to cook but unless the author uses pork and bok choy in her recipes i will have to let this one pass - Happy Birthday Kaye! :~ >
Fiore said…
Happy Birthday, dearie.
You're a very kind girl (we're all girls in our hearts!) making us a gift for your birthday!
Love this book, I usually cook Italian food, this gift would be a good reason to begin cooking differently.
Kisses, a lot of kisses.
cucki said…
happy birthday deary..
have a lovely day..
big hugs xxx
Laura said…
Please enter me! Thanks for the giveaway.
Christine M said…
What a lovely book. I haven't seen this one before. I just love those pictures of the gorgeous crockery. That zucchini bread looks pretty good too. How lovely of you to have this giveaway.
Barb said…
Happy Birthday! 11 days of drawings and giveaways, that's above the call of niceness. Please enter my name. Thanks for the giveaway.
SoCal Debbie said…
Happy Birthday! How generous of you to offer gifts for your birthday! Don't enter me in this drawing today, but I'll be back tomorrow!
Joysze said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATERINA!! Ermm... I mean KAYLEE!!!! Ermm.... I know this... I know this..... KAYE!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
Kaisievic said…
oh darling Joyeux, you are so funny! Are you interested in Gift One?
Jeanette said…
Happy Birthday Kaye. I would so love to win this book. I had been going to order it online when i saw it advertised in a cooking magazine but forgot all about it. Hugs,
Happy Birthday to you Kaye, I too would love this book, but if it's heavy don't include me in the draw as it would be too expensive to post to Canada

What a FUN FUN FUN giveaway Kaye....please please count me in...what a lovely book this is! And happy birthday to you xoxoxo
Narelle said…
Happy Birthday Kaye! What a fun way to celebrate.
I wish my sponge roll could look as good as the one on the front cover :)
Quilt Kitty said…
Happy Birthday Kaye! That pic of the plates is to die for - wishing that was my wall! Hope you get deservedly spoilt. Tracee xx
Parsley said…
What a fun way to celebrate. I hope you have a happy birthday! I am interested in anything 'stitchy' related, as in day 2. Will check back.
Bea said…
Had to check back and have a look at Day 2. Cute charts, but not really my style, so it's not for me. Thanks again.
AnaCristina said…
OH! Furio is not a Gift?? I want him ...LOL....
I am interested in Gift 2! Please enter my name! Thank you to celebrate with us!
Shirlee said…
Thank you Kaye! Please enter me in the drawing for gift #2 : )
Anne said…
Happy Birthday Kaye!!!! I would love to enter the giveaway! I adore #2 although it was a hard choice I put it on my sidebar!!

Margaret said…
Oh I'd love to enter the giveaway for the charts -- so pretty! Thanks again for the giveaway!
cucki said…
awww so cute..please count me in this giveaway..
thank you
hugs xxx
Fiore said…
Remember about me, dearie.
Brigitte said…
What a lovely idea this is to have an eleven-days-giveaway. Your birthday is the same as the birthday of one of my family members.
I hope you had a wonderful day and want to send you some happy belated bitrhday wishes.
(Don't count me in, I always have trouble with customs when I receive something from abroad).
Catherine said…
It has been fun seeing what you put up each day for your giveaways! I really like the pattern from R&P! You have received some wonderful gifts and flowers!
lynda said…
I would love a chance for your day 2 gift...what a wonderful thing to do for your birthday! Thanks for the chance!
lanybleu said…
Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love the cookbook.
McKenna C. said…
Happy Birthday! You're so generous to give all these goodies away! I would love to be entered in all of them.....maybe I'll get one. :)

Jennifer Gail said…
Happy Birthday even if it's late. I like the cook book. thanks
Emma said…
Could I be entered in to both of these please? :)

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