PIF 2 Victims, I mean Winners

As you all know I received a truly surprising second PIF from Cathy of Bits 'n Bobs.

Well, this means that I have to PIF to three more willing victims, ah Winners.  Now, I actually have four more stitching bloggers whom I plan to PIF over the next 12 months or so.  The lucky (or at least I hope that they feel that they are lucky) PIF recipients are:

  1. Xeihua (Sara)
     2. Jeanette

     3. Linda

     4. Chiara

These lovely ladies all have wonderful blogs - so please check them out.  

Sara, Jeanette, Linda and Chiara, if you could please all just email me at KayeDeP@gmail.com to let me know that you know that you are now part of my PIF 2, that would be great. (I think that I have all of your snailmail addresses - I will let you know if I don't).

Remember the deal is that I will send you a surprise stitchy gift sometime over the next 12 months, you, in turn need to Pay It Forward to three other stitchy bloggers.  

Have fun!

I always like to have a pic or two in my posts, so here are some pics of the banksia rose on my archway (there are actually two, yellow and white). 

Have a great day everyone, 



Karen said…
Beautiful flowers!!
Jeanette said…
Emailed you. :) The flowers are gorgeous. Hugs,
lesli said…
Congrats to the victims! :)
Beautiful flowers!
cucki said…
congratulations to the winners..lovely flowers xxx
Bea said…
The flowers are so beautiful.

Congratulations to the winners!
Chiara Levorato said…
thank you Kaye!! :)
Kaisievic said…
Yay! You can post again!
Catherine said…
Congrats to your rak victims! I love your arch ~ beautiful with the flowers!

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