A healthy dinner....

Oh, I am weary tonight!

I worked hard all day (I have a big proposal coming up at work) and then I decided to make a healthy dinner for the family.  This is what I made (all from scratch except for the flatbread):

  • Little lamb balls, with coriander - baked in the oven
  • Pea and herb falafel
  • Preserved lemon hummus
  • Quinoa Tabouli
  • Spinach and herb flatbread wraps
It was all delicious and voted a meal to cook again by TraderVic and DD and DS2 but oh dear, it took me nearly two hours to cook and my back was aching when I was done!

At least we have leftovers for tomorrow night (we just need to make some more salad and buy some more flatbread).

So, it is time to relax with some stitching and just to finish, here is a Furio pic - he is lazing about on our bed, enjoying the cool breeze from the window above him.


Monique said…
To be a cat and just laze around... But then we wouldn't be able to stitch.
middle eastern for dinner - yum!
cucki said…
i wish i can lie down like the cat...all day :)
enjoy your dinner xx
Catherine said…
Dinner sounds yummy! Aawwww.....comfy kitty!
Anonymous said…
you did a good job kaye,once i sit in the chair thats it i have had it.xx
Shirlee said…
Furio certainly looks comfortable : ) Great meal! I think for dinner last night John had a frozen chicken pattie & I had an egg sandwich. I haven't made a proper dinner here for a while but I'm baking up a storm ... a cake, banana bread, & oatmeal cookies over the past couple days. 'Tis the season for baking : )
Sounds lovely Kaye...at least tomorrow night will be easier with some leftovers!
Brigitte said…
Sounds absolutely great, your dinner. But nothing for someone who hates cooking. But I'd love to eat it, lol.
Ma Teakettle said…
Your dinner sounds delicious, Kaye! I love those meals that can carry over with leftovers the next night, and it makes me happy all day :)
Sweet Furio, enjoying the end of winter and an open window.
Jane and Chris said…
I love the way cats streeeeeeeech out to their fullest.
Jane x
Nancy said…
Dinner sounds wonderful and Furio is so cute laying there oblivious to the world.
Fiore said…
What a dinner. it's a real pity I live a little bit far from you (Italia)!
Hugs, dearie.
Bea said…
Your dinner sounds scrumptuous Kaye, and hooray for leftovers! Furio looks so comfortable - isn't it amazing how much space they can take up?
you dinner did sound good. It must be the weather as I feel weary as well.

Gill in Canada
Linda said…
Oh that sounds delicious! Furio looks pretty comfy! Have a great day!!Rest!
Christine M said…
Sounds yummy. Hubby would love it but I know the boys would complain if I served that up to them!
Donna said…
i wish I was there for your delicious cooking. Take care of your back. I just posted about the SAL on the blog again and there is no signup, just join us. hope you do
Stitching Noni said…
Yummo I'll have some of those leftovers!! How typical a cat is your Furio!! Don't they just have the best life?? :)
Joysze said…
That dinner sounds amazing!! But 2 hours of cooking after a long day's work?? Oh, Kaye!

Here's to lots of resting for you this weekend. :)

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