I think that I have gone hopping mad .... and 400th post giveaway winner

You know how I asked for advice on which trim to use for my two bunnies, in this post here?

Well, I got to thinking and playing around with my stash thread and these two bunnies were born!  I used Damask Rose from Cottage Garden Threads and found some perfect rose fabbie in my stash!

 I think that they are very sweet.  How about you?

Unfortunately I was not able to do the sewing I wanted to do yesterday afternoon as I have moved my sewing room into another room and I could not find my rotary cutter anywhere!  So, I will have to go buy a new one later in the week - how annoying  - and then get onto the sewing!

However, I did pick my 400th blogpost winner!

Now, drum roll please.....

The winner of a bunny  is


Marsha, if you could please send me your snail mail details - a bunny with cream trim will be winging its way to you as soon as I can acquire a new rotary cutter! lol!

Over the weekend, I also finished this Spring Witch which is a freebie from Maja from The Snowflower Diaries.  So, I think that I have joined Noni and Jo's coven!

... and I think that I have found some perfect fabric from my stash, too.

I think I told you all last post that my Dear Dad came to stay with us on the weekend.  On the Saturday we all went to have Yum Cha at Wonton House Secret Kitchen, which DS1's girlfriend says it is the best Yum Cha outside of Taiwan (where she is from)!

Dad had a ball - he ate more than anyone else and tried everything - even chicken feet!

DS1, his girlfriend and my Dad

Chicken Feet!

Yummy egg custard tarts

DD and my Dad

Just to finish off, last night I made homemade pizza - 8 of them - so we have dinner for 3 nights!

Here is just two of them to show you - all 8 had different toppings.  I had so much fun making them.

Well, off to watch "Game of Thrones" with TraderVic and DD and to stitch, of course with my stitching buddy, Furio!



Beautiful stitching, Kaye! I love the color of the new bunnies, they look gorgeous. So glad you had a good time with your family this weekend. :D
cucki said…
Beautiful stitching dear...
Congrats to the lucky winner..l
So glad you had a fun time with the family
Hugs x
Mii Stitch said…
Sweet bunnies & congrats to the winner of your giveaway too!
shez said…
Hi Kaye lovely post and congrats to the winner and those pizzas sure look yummy.xx
Marsha said…
Oh my GOSH! I can't believe I won. How exciting!
Silverlotus said…
Congratulations to Marsha!

And, ugh, chicken feet! My husband is Chinese (his family is from Hong Kong) and he loves chicken feet. I can't even look at him while he eats them. Ugh!
Vickie said…
Whoa Kaye! NO,NO,NO! No chicken's feet. EVER! Whew!
Yay to the homemade pizza.:) My family loves homemade.
KimM said…
Beautiful stitching, Kaye! Congratulations to the winner - lucky girl. Also, congrats on winning the give away from Stitching Lotus!!!!!
Anne said…
Congrats to Marsha! Great choice on fabric Kaye! The wee little Spring witch is cute. Great photos of your children and your father. All of you are brave to try a chicken foot...I wouldn't! GOT is amazing and I need to watch the most recent episode too :D Hugs!
Linda said…
Cute bunnies. I love the color. Those pizza's look yummy. Congrats to the winner.

Thoeria said…
Oh my but your Dad is a very brave man....chicken feet??!! Congrats to Marsha on her win...I'm sure she'll love her bunny! Oh and that blue fabric for your witch....Love it!!! Yummy pizzas too...you have been busy :)
Lija Broka said…
Well done on the finish! I have stitched that one too. And congratulations to the winner.
AnaCristina said…
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Margaret said…
The pizza looks amazing! Love your finishes too!
Christine said…
Great stitching. The pink bunnies are adorable!
Congratulations to Marsha
Valma said…
your bunnies are lovely, very well done
can't wait to see the finish ;)
congrats to lucky Marsha ;)
your Dad is a real warrior !!! chicken feet...ho my ! I even never dared to test a pork feet :D
beautiful stitchings, beautiful pictures...this is definitely another beautiful post ;)
P.J. said…
Love that your dad is food adventurous. I love trying new things but not sure I could do chicken feet. Hahaha!! Sounds like a good time for all. :)
marina said…
love these new bunnies in the variegated thread, so pretty and the trim is gorgeous.
well done to Marsha!
your little witch is very cute and the fabric matches beautifully.
Yum pizzas, not sure about the chicken feet, I used to eat everything when I was young but not sure about now...
Chris said…
Great update Kaye! What a sweet bunny and SD finish.
That pizza looks delish. What a great night out with your Dad.
Shirlee said…
Such a fun family weekend! I must admit that those pizzas ... & knowing there were actually 8 of them ... has my mouth watering : ) I also like the pink bunnies : )
Congrats to Martha!

And well done to your Dad, he's braver than me!
Stitching Noni said…
Cackle, cackle!! Welcome to the little coven!!! :)
Love your little witch :)
Cute bunnies.... Such a pretty fabric colour too...
Sorry will pass on the chicken feet, but can't say no to homemade pizza!!!
Another episode of GoT tonight!!! :)
Hugs xx
Catherine said…
More sweet bunnies!! Congrats to Marsha! Uhm....chicken feet....not sure I would try that ~ lol!

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