April TUSAL report...

Well, only a day late with my TUSAL report which I think I have missed the last couple of months (obvious from the biggish pile of ORTs!)

The left pile is my train ORTs and the right my home ORTs.  The brassware was once my dear mother's.  I can remember many a time polishing those small trays and making up stories about the scene depicted on them.  The stitchery in the background is "My cat Coco lives here".  That is not its original name.  It is actually High Hopes by Just Nan. But the tortoiseshell cat looked just like our cat at the time - Coco - that I changed the wording and renamed it. I finished it 2004.  There is a companion piece - which is a winter garden languishing somewhere in my UFO pile.  I must dig it up someday soon.

All of my 2014 ORTs so far.

Last night was Tudor Tuesday SAL night. I stitched on Plum Street Samplers "The end crowneth the work".  I started out quite well

 but then I realised right at the end of the night that I had made a mistake and I am going to have to frog that black cross hatching on the top right of the dress.  Drat that frog prince!

Well, that will have to be next Tuesday's task!



Beautiful stitching! I love that you changed the name of that piece for your cat. :D
Justine said…
Lovely stitching. The Plum Tree start is gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
you do such beautiful work Kaye,well done.xx
Beautiful stitching... unstitching is very annoying though xx
Sue said…
Sorry about the frogs visiting but lovely stitching. Love the one you named after your cat x
Valma said…
what a beautiful way to display your ORTs ! really great
Your new stitches are so beautiful, you're doing a superb work again.
So sorry to hear mister Frog visited you, I'm sure he is the one who invented the French knots :D
Chris said…
Lovely orts and stitching :)
Shirlee said…
Beautiful stitching my friend! Those frogs can be a real nuisance!
KimM said…
Beautiful stitching - as usual ;D)
Vickie said…
Oh I really like your Tuesday stitching. And Coco. :)
Margaret said…
Bummer on the frogging. Love the stitching though.
Linda said…
Sorry about the frog Kaye. But, the rest looks great.

cucki said…
Lovely stitching x
AnaCristina said…
Great ORTs!
Your Nan piece makes a lovely backdrop for your TUSAL. It's nice to showcase an old finish as well as the same old tub of ORTS!

Shame about the frogs because the dress looks great.
Stitching Noni said…
Lovely ORT's :)
I hope the frog finds a new home soon, but please don't send him my way!!! :)
Hugs x
Catherine said…
Beautiful stitches!

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