Autumn walk in Eaglemont....

Today was a good day.

This morning I took my 94 year old father shopping for some new clothes at David Jones in a large shopping mall.  We had such a good time together and the ladies at David Jones were so helpful that Dad left with three new pairs of trousers and two new merino wool jumpers.  Now he is all set for the winter!

We then had an enjoyable lunch together at a French Cafe, Laurent - yum!

This, of course, took several hours but when I got home, the afternoon was so nice that I went for a lovely Autumn walk.  Would you like to see some of the lovely wonders I saw on my walk?

Red autumn leaves:

A pink rose.

Doesn't this house look just like an Autumn house?

Two Asian statues guarding the gate to a secret garden.


.... and the secret garden has a tower!

 ,,,, and this is my favourite house in Eaglemont, what I call The Gingerbread House but is actually called The Officer House.

.... and as I walked home there was a wonderful view of my favourite city in the world, my hometown.... Melbourne!

I hope that you have enjoyed this walk with me.  It is so important to take time to enjoy the small things in life, don't you think?  Blessings on you all.



So glad your father is doing well, Kaye. Big hugs!
Jacquie Morris said…
Much love to you as I love spending quality time with my dad too :)
Love your photo's thank you for sharing them :)
Smiles for your weekend :)
Vickie said…
God bless you and your father Kaye.
Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. I enjoy seeing other stitcher's worlds.
Lovely walk!How great that your dad still goes out with you and buys things!My mum is 80 but it has been ten years now that she doesn't like doing that!AriadnefromGreece!
Margaret said…
Beautiful sites! So lovely that you were out and about with your dad!
KimM said…
How wonderful you spent time with your father. I know you treasure each and every moment. And your walk looks so grand! Thank you for sharing - xxxx
cucki said…
I love autumn so much..
Huge hugs x
cucki said…
So glad your father is doing well...big hugs for you all x
stitchersanon said…
We are waiting for spring to get here properly (it seems a little late), very strange to see others preparing for winter, when we are hoping for sun! xx Glad your dad is well x
Shirlee said…
I did indeed enjoy walking with you : ) So glad your dad is doing well!
Catherine said…
Glad to hear your dad is doing well. What a lovely area to walk!
Simply Victoria said…
Thanks for sharing your walk.

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