Friday, 25 April 2014

Lest we forget..... + some giveaways.

Today is ANZAC Day, the day that Australia and New Zealand pays tribute to our soldiers.

You can read all about it, if you are interested in this post which is from two years ago.

ANZAC Day is always significant to me because of my Dad, who was a prisoner of war in Changi prison in Singapore for three and a half years.

So, today I am spending the day with my Dad, just hanging out... watching the ANZAC day march, then we are going to watch the ANZAC Day footy match - Essendon vs Collingwood.  Dad is a Collingwood supporter (much to TraderVic's "disgust" - lol! - because we are all Richmond Tiger supporters here).  Then Dad is spending the night, DS1 is coming over to cook him a special roast dinner (lucky me - having dinner cooked for me tonight!) and then tomorrow we are going for a yum cha for brunch.  Lovely!

I am so proud of my Dad - he went to war to ensure that I, my husband, my sons and my daughter do not have to go to war ourselves and to give us a safe and better life.  He certainly achieved that as we all feel so blessed to live in Australia.

 Dad and DS2:

Dad and I:

This is my mother's gold locket with the The Rising Sun symbol, which you can read about here.  This is the locket which my mother was allowed to wear with her WWII army uniform.

The words on the locket say: "Australian Commonwealth Military Forces".

... and this is the photo of my Dad, setting off to war, which she kept inside it.

My dear friend, Marie, whom I mention often on this blog (because we walk every Sunday morning around Princes Park in Carlton), has just had to start chemotherapy for CLL.

So far, it is working well, with no adverse side effects.  I went to see her last night on my way home from work.  On the way I bought her some flowers from TraderVic and I and all of our bookclub friends (we all put in together).  Here she is in with the flowers.  She loved them.

A better pic of the floral arrangement.

I would appreciate it if you could send some prayers and good wishes her way, she is my very dear friend whom I hope can beat the cancer and we can grow very old together and be still "walking" around Princes Park in our wheelchairs in the distant future.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Now, Giveaways:

1. Do not forget to comment on my 400th post "Advice please" - let me know which trim you think I should use and you might win a bunny!

2. Silver Lotus is also having a giveaway - she is giving away this cute pattern from Lizzie Kate (gently used).

You can enter her Giveaway here.

Be quick both of these Giveaways close Sunday morning (noon and 10am respectively).

Well, that is all for me today.

Don't worry, I will get back to my holiday posts, soon, I promise!



Kate Featherstitch said...

That's a lovely post about ANZAC day, Kaye. You're clearly so proud of your dad. :) Both my dad's grandparents and my dad have served so ANZAC day has a lot of meaning for me too.

Best of wishes for your dear friend.

marina said...

sounds like you have a big day ahead with your dad, something to treasure.
Well done ds1 for cooking tea!
Your mum's locket is so beautiful, must have so many memories.
Sending lots of good wishes for your dear friend Marie, and I hope she wins this battle.

Deb Riddell said...

With deep and heartfelt thanks to your father and all who sacrificed so much that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today Kaye. Sending healing energy and good thoughts to your friend that she makes a full recovery. Deb

Christine M said...

Lovely photos Kaye. Sounds like a good plan for spending ANZAC day. I have never seen one of those lockets before. What a special treasure. Sending get well wishes for Marie.

Justine said...

Thinking of you, your family and friend today Kaye. Thank you for sharing lovely stories and memories of your parents, and thank you to both of them for their service for all of us.

Thoeria said...

Hope you had a lovely day with your Dad and family Kaye.
That certainly is a beautiful locket:) Sending get well wishes for your dear friend xx

Vickie said...

God bless your father. Imprisonment for 3 1/2 years!! What a special treasure that locket is. I am so glad you have it. I am praying for Marie.

Ariadne said...

Wow! I am impressed with your dad's staying in prison for 3 and a half years! That's so much! It is great that he lived long and left it behind him! As for Marie I am wishing her all the best!AriadnefromGreece!

Shirlee said...

What a treasure your dear dad is! God bless him! Will add your friend to my prayer list.

KimM said...

What a lovely post and tribute to your father and all those who sacrificed so much for all of us. I know you savor every minute with your father. Blessings and a heartfelt 'thank you' to your mother who served, as well.
Best wishes - xxxx

Linda said...

Sending hugs and happy thoughts to your friend Kaye. What a beautiful locket. Love the pics of your dad.


cucki said...

Aww love the picture of your dad
Sending hugs and prayers to
Your friend
Kisses x

AnaCristina said...

happy easter.....a little late!
your Dad is so cute!

Margaret said...

Love the pic of your handsome men together. Your father must be quite a guy. Wow. Happy Anzac Day! (Is that what one says?) I know it's a solemn day of remembrance. Here's to those heroes of the great wars.

♥ Nia said...

Wow! Your father was in prison for a long while =/ hard days! That photo is very special :)
Sending good thoughts to your friend! Hope everything will go well for her!

Janet said...

I happened on your blog and read about the memorial for servicemen. Also the pic of your handsome father. My dad was in WWII. He was stationed in the Pacific. He visited Australia on leave and to this day I carry a 1943 Australian penny he kept with him for so many years. He died in 1995. It is a BIG penny and I think of Australia and him whenever I look at it. You are blessed to have your dad with you.
I will read your blog now to see more of your life.

Anne said...

Oh my. I'm amazed that he survived that! A very important day for you and your family. Lovely photos of your father, you and your son. Hoping for the best for your dear friend. She looks very positive! Hugs

Valma said...

what a beautiful post !
this necklace is a treasure and it means so much !! wow
I thought of you during that day
Beautiful pictures of your Dad
I send an ocean of positive waves to your friend sweetie
big big hugs

Catherine said...

Love reading your family history ~ I imagine your dad would be amazing to sit down and have a chat with! Prayers for your friend....

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