Singapore Sling....Holiday Post #2 - Singapore #2

Well, after sampling the delights of the Infinity Pool, it was time to spend some quality time at the famous Raffles hotel.

I was lucky enough to go there twice!

The first time was for High Tea at the famous Tiffin Room.  It was part of the Partners program so whilst TraderVic was attending sessions, I was living it up with some new friends.

Notice how my dress matches the flowers - all planned of course (not!) - lol!

I just had to have my photo taken at the Writers Bar!

On our way out we saw these wedding cars - decorated with ribbons and flowers and so on.

This post has got so long and I haven't even told you about my second trip to Raffles, next time I promise.

Now, just to finish, here is my latest progress on Liberty Lane.



Linda said…
More great photos Kaye. Sure looks like you had a fantastic time. Nice progress on Liberty Lane.

Anonymous said…
Wow that sure is a beautiful place,what a experience Kaye.xx
Barb said…
What a beautiful hotel! Liberty Lane is looking great!
Thoeria said…
That is one really smart hotel!
cucki said…
Beautiful xxx
Valma said…
FANTASTIC , once again !!! :D
Incredible hotel
that's so great to travel this way thanks to you
KimM said…
What incredible pictures! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more ;0)
Margaret said…
What a beautiful place that is! Such an elegant tea you had too! Lovely! Love the wedding cars. Nice stitching too!
Beautiful tea time! Great stitching too :D
marly said…
Thanks for showing me such beauty that I would never see myself.
Miamina said…
That tea looked yummy! I bet it was lots of fun :)

Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures :)
Stitching Noni said…
I love the Raffles! It is a very long time since I have been there, although after seeing your photos Hubby and I thinking of maybe going to Singapore later this year for my birthday...... :o)
Hugs xx
Shirlee said…
Such fun seeing all these photos & sharing in your journey with you! You look great by the way, & so happy : )
Catherine said…
What a fabulous place ~ and the tea ~ looks like a great time!
Simply Victoria said…
Tea time looks incredible!

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