Not sure where to start..... Holiday Post 1: Singapore Part 1

Well, TraderVic and I are back after an amazing holiday.  We had such a good time that I am not sure where to start!

We have been back just over a week and I have had to hit the ground running at work, of course, so this is my first real opportunity to get back into blogging.

If you are a Facebook Friend you may have seen some of these photos and stories already, so I do apologise for doubling up.  I am going to do a couple of posts for each of the places we visited and then maybe a post devoted to some of the wonderful meals we had as we travelled around.

There may be a stitching update or two as well, as we go.  Please feel free to skip through anything which doesn't interest you.

First Leg - Singapore:

We started our month long holiday with a four day stint in Singapore.  TraderVic had a conference which was held at the amazing Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

... and our first evening there we had a light dinner at the rooftop bar and watched the sun go down over Singapore.

Now, the rooftop of the hotel looks like a giant ship and has an amazing infinity pool as you can see from above.

Here is the view as a swimmer:

and me swimming dangerously near the edge.....

 ... and look who I met in the pool - James Morrison, Australia's premier Jazz trumpeter!

Now, just in case you are worried that people could really be swept over the edge, I took some photos of what it looks like.

You have to be pretty determined to fall off, really!

Oh dear, I have barely scratched the surface of my trip and I have a full post already!  Well, some more of Singapore next time.

Now onto some stitching, I saw this sweet design from CCN in my LNS and just had to start it.

It is called "Liberty Lane" and here are my progress pics.

Here is my Friday Night with Friend's progress.

 The last one is after just six days progress - I am really pleased with how fast this is going.

Lastly, here is my stitching buddy - boy, was he happy to see me after a month!



Anonymous said…
Wow Kaye what an amazing place,thankyou for sharing.xx
Margaret said…
Wow, Mia would have never survived a month without us -- she hates even a week! Loved seeing pics from your trip. Wow! What a trip! That hotel is amazing! The pool -- whoa! So cool! Looking forward to seeing more. Love the stitching too!
that building is amazing..........
sharine said…
Happy to hear you had a great time! That is one cool swimming pool:)
AnaCristina said…!!! I can´t believe you was in that hotel!!! in this swimming pool!!! wowww....wowww.!!!
Barb said…
That pool would have made me very nervous. My DH would have been swimming near the edge. I have Liberty Lane also! I plan to do mine in darker shades of red and blue. Yours is coming along great!
cucki said…
Yayy fun time :)
Thoeria said…
Oh wow Kaye! You're far braver than me! Looks amazing....but just the thought of swimming up ther makes my tummy roll! Great stitching too x
Valma said…
Welcome back sweetie :D
I followed your adventures on Facebook...amazing trip !!!!!
Lucky you :D
Lovely stitches you're already sharing with us today...

Shirlee said…
Oh my dear friend, what a fabulous hotel & fabulous trip thus far! I have so enjoyed it & look forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures : )
Vickie said…
Ack! Goodness, I don't think I could handle the top of the building AND THE POOL! It looks so scary.
Welcome back! I have been following you on facebook but would love to read here too! Thanks for the detail of the pool I always wondered what this type of pools are really like!AriadnefromGreece!
Welcome back, Kaye! That's a gorgeous hotel - I can't wait to hear more about your stay in Singapore. I've never been! Beautiful stitching too :D
Barb said…
Looks like a fun vacation, the pictures were beautiful. Loved your cat picture too, he looks like my cat.
Linda said…
Your new start is amazing and almost done. Love it. What an amazing hotel. I don't think you would catch me up there. lol

KimM said…
Looks like the holiday of a life time! What wonderful pictures - and your stitching is fab-o! Missed your blog - glad you're back xxxx
ricketyjo said…
Wow, Wow, Wow!!! That hotel looks absolutely amazing!!! I can't wait to read more about your travels :) It's not somewhere I'd really considered stopping, although we've been through on the way to Australia before, but I think you've made me more interested now!
And lovely stitching too!
Miamina said…
Looks like you had a fab time! Well done on actually fitting some stitching in :)

I love infinity pools, there was one when we went on honeymoon to Egypt!

I look forward to hearing more about your trip!
So envious! Co-incidentally there is a Singapore photo on my blog too!

That pool is amazing, I would be a little worried as I'm sure the Small Boy would find a way over somehow.

Great stitching progress now you are back. Also, I must remember to post something to you now you are back.
Stitching Noni said…
I still can't believe you saw James Morrison playing in the pool! I loved looking at your photos on FB and more than happy to see them again! Bet Furio was very happy to see you get back home!
Your stitching progress is great.. love the new design :o)
Hugs xx
Oh my god! You met James Morrison! Isn't he amazing!
Catherine said…
OMG!! That pool and hotel are amazing!
Simply Victoria said…
Hi-finally getting caught up with you here. Those photos of Singapore are just stunning. Nothing like that here in the states. Off to read more...

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