Anyone for....

.... a long, long, long Australia Day Lunch? 

We started at 1pm and the last guest did not leave until 7pm - now that is what I call a successful long lunch!.

I cooked up a storm of salads in the kitchen, whilst TraderVic cooked fabulously crunchy potatoes and a butterflied leg of lamb on the barbie - Yum! Yum! Yum!

We started with blinis with cream fraiche, smoked salmon and dill and also homemade pita bread crisps with dips, plus a glass of wine, of course.

Then it was onto the main course (the salads came from "Salades" by Damien Pignolet and "Food from many Greek kitchens" by Tessa Kiros).

Coleslaw with a twist (red pepper on the side as it doesn't agree with TraderVic), I even made my own whole egg mayonnaise (in the jug).

Salad of Chickpeas, cucumbers and preserved lemons (very refreshing).

Risi e Bisi (Rice with peas and I even shelled fresh peas for this recipe - I haven't done that since I was a child!)

Pantzarosalata or Beetroot Salad

Yummy, crunchy roast potatoes (made by TraderVic).

And also made by TraderVic, roast lamb - yum! yum!

Dessert was Connossieur Vanilla ice cream with blackcurrants soaked in Creme de Cassis (a liquer) and a cheese platter.

Both the wine, the conversation and the laughs flowed for hours as we sat out on our deck and counted our blessings for living in this great country of ours.

(That's me on the right, going for the Bohemian look with my head band, hearts on my tank top and flowing red-checked pants - that you can't see.)

I was lucky enough to receive a few hostess gifts, some gorgeous flowers, herbs from my friend's garden and some sparkling red wine (no photo as we drank it all - lol!)

So, a fabulous day was had by all and I declare Australia Day 2017 to be a great success in our house!

I hope that all my Aussie friends had as much fun as I did.


P.S. Don't forget to join in the fun of my second Girl's Nest Giveaway for 2017. Entries close on Feb 5th.  Good luck!


Carol said…
Looks like a lovely lunch, Kaye--no wonder your guests were reluctant to leave :) Happy Australia Day!
gracie said…
Everything looked lovely and sounds like all enjoyed the day.
deb said…
What a lovely day that sounds like! Everything looked beautiful and delicious and attendees look happy and relaxed.
Barb said…
What a wonderful feast and happy Australia Day a bit late!
creations.1 said…
How lucky are your guests - what a fabulous Australia Day feast and equally fabulous way to spend it!!
Linda said…
All that yummy food made me hungry.

Bea said…
Lovely way to spend a day - good food, good wine and good friends. Does it get better? Belated Happy Australia Day!
Ariadne said…
Congrats for the day! It seems you had a great time. I love pantzarosalata!!!!!AriadnefromGreece!
Mary said…
I am glad you all had a Happy Australia Day. The food looks delicious and I can tell everyone had a great time.
Lesley said…
What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day.The food is lovely.
Have you a wonderful day with your friends! Plenty of good food, beautiful flowers! Pretty Australia Day!
Astrids dragon said…
Looks like you had a fantastic day! Fine food, friends, and wine, can't go wrong!
Happy Your Day! That lamb looks gorgeous.
Julie said…
What a wonderful spread of food you gave the guests.
Brigitte said…
Oh my, all these wonderful salads and all the different food! Must have been great to celebrate the day this way.
Heather said…
Happy late Aussie day :). It looks like fun!

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