Happy Australia Day Swap 2017....

The lovely Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches organised an Australia Day Swap this year.  This is what she had to say about it:

"Let's show our love of our great country & have a good fun Aussie themed swap!

Here's the deal:
FIVE items are chosen & sent to your partner. They each must start with one letter from the word AUSTRALIA & at least one item must bear the Australian flag."

I was lucky enough to receive my exchange parcel from dear Julie (sorry, not sure of her blog as it wasn't given to me).  Anyway, Julie did a lovely job of giving me Australiana gifts.

A gorgeous Australia tin:

 Filled with lots of goodies:

Thank you, Julie, I love them all.

I sent my exchange gifts to Illene from Ret Dairy Queen.

First of all, I gave her a postcard of Melbourne's Flinders Street Station.

... and one of my beloved Anzac tins from my collection, filled with Aussie goodies WHICH I FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTOS OF - SILLY ME!  Illene hasn't posted yet, but once she does, I will update this post to show you what I sent her.  In the meantime, you can see that I covered everything in Aussie stickers!

UPDATE:  Illene posted what she received from me on her blog - phew!  She seemed very happy with her goodies - double phew!


  • Anzac Tin
  • Utterly gorgeous lace doilies
  • Threads in Australian landscape colours (browns and greens)
  • Liquer chocolates
  • Australian gym towel (with the required map of Australia on it).
So glad that you liked your gifts, Illene.


P.S. Don't forget to join in the fun of my second Girl's Nest Giveaway for 2017. Entries close on Feb 5th.  Good luck!


retdairyqueen said…
Thank you for my lovely gifts Iam about to post now
I was playing UNO just the other day
Linda said…
Lovely exchange gifts Kaye.

Barb said…
What wonderful Australia Day gifts!
creations.1 said…
Lovely bounty of gifts coming and going!
Mini said…
Great idea for a swap based on Australia day. Great goodies received. I specially love the knitted dish cloth.
Will wait for a pic of goodies you sent.
Mii Stitch said…
A great exchange Kaye!
Vickie said…
Happy Australia Day Kaye! I hopped over to Ilene's blog and had a look at what you sent. Wonderful! I like what you received as well. :D
Astrids dragon said…
Such fun! You received some wonderful gifts.
Carol said…
What a fun exchange--very creative gifts both given and received!
Jewells said…
Glad you liked what I sent...this was a fun swap!
Bea said…
Now that looks like fun! Terrific gifts given and received.
These are so cool! I love the idea of this exchange. Great gifts, given and received!
What a fun swap, I love the knitted dishcloth the with map on it!
Brigitte said…
Great gifts and goodies that you received and that you sent to your partner. I particularly like the Australia map on the wash cloth.
Anthea said…
Thanks for joining in the Australia Day swap, Kaye... you put together a great selection of goodies, & also received some beauties too... it's been great to see the fun & imagination that everyone put in to their items! Great idea with using the tin.
Heather said…
What a cool exchange! Great gifts all around :)

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