My first FFO...

....or at least that is what I think the right term is - Fully Finished Ornament/Object - please someone correct me if I am wrong!

Anyway, I looked at my first little stitching finish for 2017....

Designer: iStitch
Status: Freebie (scroll down to Dec 29, 2010 for this design)
Fabric: 28ct blue linen
                                               Floss: WDW Confetti 

... so, yesterday, I am thinking to myself, what fabric will I have to match this bright and cheery design? Then I was fiddling around in the junk room, grabbing the tubs to put the Chrissy decorations away, lifted the lid of one of my fabric tubs and literally found this fabric sitting on top - Perfect!

... and next thing I know I had my first FFO for the year (and a record for me with fast finishing - I have some stitched pieces in my drawer that have languished there for a couple of years now - lol!)

I am feeling rather chuffed!

... I also want to thank everyone who sent kind wishes re Furio. I am happy to report that he is feeling much better and seems to be back to his normal self - interacting with us all, sleeping all over whatever I am trying to do, rather than spending the whole day curled up in a drawer in a wardrobe (which is what he did for two days straight and no purring!)

Furio watching the Pink test (The Pink test is the Third Cricket test match for the season and is pink to raise funds for breast cancer - even the police are wearing pink caps and apparently donated their time for the day).

Have a great day, everyone.


P.S. Please don't forget to check out my first little giveaway for 2017

and also, The brand new The Six Wives Club SAL for the Tudor Tuesdays SAL Blog - you can click on any of the links below to find out more:

P.P.S. This is my second post for the day and I am having the feeling it may be a three post day, so hang around, if you have the time and the inclination - lol!


Glad your cat is better! Lovely finish!
Linda said…
Cute finish Kaye. Happy to hear that Furio is doing better.

deb said…
Wow, all stitched up and finished up (it looks great!), and not even a week of the new year has passed.

So glad to hear Furio is feeling more like his normal self and is giving you appropriate help putting things away. ;)

The Six Wives SAL sounds cool - am going to enjoy watching that progress.
Stitching Noni said…
Congrats on the FFO! The fabric is just perfect :o)
Good to see that Furio is starting to get back to his normal happy self :o)
Hugs xx
Lesley said…
Great fabric choice for your FFO.
I am smiling at Furio's exertions helping you! Glad he is back to his old self:)
Barb said…
Glad to hear that Furio is better! That is great fabric for the design! Love the finish. You are doing great!
Mini said…
Love the FFO. Glad that Furio is feeling better
Brigitte said…
Oh yes, this little finish is so very cute. And you can be so proud that you managed to finish-finish it right away. A great crafting start of the new year.
Good to read that Furio feels a lot better.
Mary said…
Congrats on your cute FFO. I am glad Furio is feeling better.
Sharmayne said…
Looks like Furlough wants to hang onto the decorations a wee bit longer lol
Julie said…
Fabulous finish, well done.
Furio does look nice and comfy, he's beautiful.
Bea said…
The FFO looks lovely and what a terrific piece of fabric. I'm so glad Furio is better and being a normal pesky, er helpful cat.
Congratulations on your first FFO so early in the year. Gorgeous backing fabric too.
Glad to hear that Furio is back to his usual self too.
Ooohhh, that fabric is perfect! Great job with the final finishing. So glad Furio is feeling better! Poor kitty...

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