Gifted Gorgeousness_ January Update.... PLUS FF and FNSI....

But first, in case you do not know what I am talking about ...

Gifted Gorgeousness (or GG) is a SAL run by the wonderful SAL Mama, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  Basically, on the 15th of each month, we post anything which is stitchy gift-related.

Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics (or FF) is a SAL blog run by me to help us  work our way through some of our WIPs and UFOs, each Friday.

Friday Night Sew-In or (FNSI) is a monthly SAL, run by another wonderful SAL Mama, Wendy from Sugarlane Designs, again to help us get some of our stitching goals accomplished.

Let's get started with GG.  So, for this month I have a very big Happy Dance - DD's London Blanket is finally finished.  Yay and Double Yay!  Can you see me doing the Fandango all over the house????

Way back on my last GG post (in November last year - where oh where does the time go?) I had stated that I hoped for a finish soon on the blanket but alas! It was not to be and it was still two more months before it was done but here it is at last.....  (It has only taken me SIX months to knit it - lol!)

It will be winging its way to DD later today, alongside her "shopping list" of Aussie foodstuffs:
  • Smiths Crinkle Cut Salt and Vinegar chips
  • Burger Rings
  • Twisties
  • Double-coated Chocolate Tim Tams
  • Vegemite 
  • Milo (the drink not the cat!) 
She is obviously on a health diet, not!

My next Gifted Gorgeousness piece, also doubles up for FF and FNSI.

This pretty design was a gift to me from a dear friend - isn't it pretty?  I am in love with the 32ct spotted grey fabbie (the first pic shows the correct colour).

Design: Do more of what makes you happy
Designer: Abbey Rose Designs
Fabric: 32ct Grey-spotted
Floss: Mixture of suggested and own choice over-dyed threads

Pretty happy with my progress on this piece.

If you would like to see everyone else's stitching for the various SALs, please click on the following links:


P.S. I do have some other GG stitching and bits and pieces but they are parts of exchanges, so I cannot reveal them yet .... Next Month!



Bea said…
Your GG is really pretty and you're making good progress. Love the blanket - looks so cosy and a perfect "snuggle under".

Okay, what are burger rings, twisties and milo? The other half of the list I do recognise.
Linda said…
Congrats on finishing the blanket Kaye. It is gorgeous. Love your new start.

Bizarre Quilter said…
loving the cross stitch... yes, i'd like to put more words into my crafts this year too.
Vickie said…
Love that blanket you finished for your daughter. The colors are lovely. Such a sweet cross stitch start.
The blanket is finished and I like!
The new design looks interesting, I look forward to continuing!
Barb said…
What a pretty little cross stitch design you have started. I love the blanket. The colors are so pretty and I would imagine just right for a young woman.
Mini said…
The blanket is gorgeous Kaye. Lovely new start.
Brigitte said…
Ohhhh, this blanket looks so cozy and warm. Just perfect for the cold wave that is going on in some parts of Europe right now. Your daughter will be happy - just as happy as with the other things you are sending her. Items from home are always the best :)
Nice new stitching project, Kaye.
Julie said…
The blanket looks warm and cosy.
Nice spotty fabric for the new design, a lovely sentiment in the wording and nice start you made.
Justine said…
Fandango away - that's a beautiful blanket! The colours remind me of ice cream. Love the spotty fabric on your latest cross stitch too. Beautiful.
Tiffstitch said…
Woohoo!! Love the blanket, DD chose great colours and beautifully knit. Nice start too. :)
Susan said…
The cross stitch is gorgeous - I do love that linen. And what patience to knit a blanket...
That blanket looks amazing!! I'm sure your daughter is going to love it. Lovely stitching start too!
Christine said…
The blanket is gorgeous. Lovely new start too
Maria said…
The blanket is lovely and you have been very busy working on your other projects...
Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The blanket looks wonderful, it's freezing in England right now so I am sure your daughter will really appreciate it.
There are a lot of Australians living in the Earls Court area, I wonder if there's a grocery store selling those special delicacies?
Heather said…
Beautiful new start and blanket.

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