My very first Happy Dance for 2017 .....

Good morning, my lovely bloggy and stitchy friends.  It is rather early in the morning, here - not yet 8am and the mercury is already rising - predicted high of 32 degrees Celsius today and thunderstorms (oh no, not too much rain, I hope, as last week's storm caused us a bit of damage in the house).

I am feeling very happy today (except for the fact that my darling Furio seems a little under the weather, so there may be a trip to the Vet coming up for him later today) as I can show you my first Happy Dance for 2017 .....

Designer: iStitch
Status: Freebie (scroll down to Dec 29, 2010 for this design)
Fabric: 28ct blue linen
Floss: WDW Confetti

I am very pleased with it, Confetti was a new floss colourway that I was keen to try and this project seemed perfect to me.  I then scrabbled through my button box to find the perfect button.  I hope that you like it.

...And, just to celebrate the New Year, I am having a little giveaway.

A Margaret Sherry Card Set (a freebie from a Cross Stitch Crazy Mag) plus some other little goodies (but they are a surprise!)

I know that lots of people love Margaret Sherry but she is not quite my cup of tea (pardon the pun), so I thought that this little kit should go to a good home.

Okay, some details, peeps!

The Prize: Margaret Sherry card kit PLUS some other goodies (think Fat Quarters, special floss, sweet treats, who knows really?  Not me, yet!)


1. You must be a follower.

2. If you post about the Giveaway on your blog, you get an extra name in the hat.

3. Comment on this post only, be clear that you would like to be entered in the draw.

4. Open worldwide.

5. Giveaway closes in a week's time: ie Thursday, Jan 12th.

6. Good luck!

Okay, that is all folks, 

Busy day today:

Breakfast (lol)
Spoil Furio
Put away Christmas decorations
Spoil Furio
Tidy house
Book a skip
Stitch and spoil Furio and blog
and oh, stitch!

You get the picture - lol!


P.S. Lots of new and old stitching has been happening, will post about that soon, plus more Tasmania trip posts to come, too.


Julie said…
A bright and cheery first finish of the year. I hope a vets visit isn't needed and your little furry friend is soon feeling much better.
I love to see Margaret Sherry designs all finished, but I'm not a fan of stitching them - good luck to all who enter, but please don't put my name in.
creations.1 said…
A lovely finish and a lovely giveaway - I am not a cross stitcher so please don't put my name in the giveaway draw!
KimM said…
I love your first finish of the year, Kaye! Wonderful giveaway, but please don't include me - hope you spoiling Furio does the trick and he's his mischievous self again.
deb said…
sounds like you had a lovely day! What a bright, cheery finish your happy new year is - brings a smile to my face. (commenting only - not entering giveaway)

Christine M said…
Lovely first finish Kaye. I hope Furio is feeling better soon. Don't count me in the giveaway as I'll never get around to do the cross stitch!! xx
gracie said…
What a colorful project...great colors. Sorry the furbaby is not feeling well....
Barb said…
I hope by the time I post this Furio is doing better. Such beautiful thread on your sweet finish. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip photos.
Mini said…
Lovely new finish. Thanks for the link to the freebie. Lovely giveaway ,however I will pass this as I'm still to work on any of the giveaway patterns I have won in last two years.
Linda said…
Congrats on the cute finish Kaye. I love the color of the floss. Hope Furio's is feeling better. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Bette said…
I love your New Year's piece so much I went and got the freebie for myself. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Margaret Sherry is one of my favorite designers. I hope Furio is feeling better. It's so hard when out little furbabies aren't feeling well.
Lesley said…
Lovely bright finish Kaye.
I hope Furio is aright,always a worry when they sre under the weather.
You are doing a great giveaway,however,I have quite a few Margaret Sherry designs in my old magazines so it would be a shame to perhaps win and deprive someone else of this MS kit.Good luck to the entrants
Vickie said…
BIG HUGS for Furio.♥ Please enter me in the giveaway Kaye. I think the patterns are adorable!! Thank you!
Justine said…
What a sweet finish! It was -5 in the UK this morning.
Please don't enter me into your giveaway, I have a few magazine charts which are very similar. A nice idea to start off the year though!
Carol said…
I do hope your little Furio is improving, Kaye! Cute finish and someone will be very happy to win your giveaway. No need to include me--I have more stash than I'll ever stitch :)

Happy New Year!
Stitching Noni said…
I have seen your earlier post about your lovely FFO and Furio recovering.. :o) He may have not been enjoying the heat - our 2 cats and the dog all hide out in the wardrobe when the weather heats up - they only venture out for food and even then they don't really eat much (well the dog eats no matter what!).
Love Margaret Sherry designs and always happy to enter a giveaway... so pls add me to the list :o)
I will add a little link on my blog for you :o)
Hugs xx
Sharmayne said…
Nice new finish but I'm afraid I'm not a cross stitcher so please don't add my name to your draw.
What a gorgeous thread colour, perfect for the first finish of the year.
You have a busy schedule, I spotted "book a skip", are you having work done or is it for all that tidying?
I have stitched that MS Kitty before, so please don't put my name in the hat.
Bea said…
What a bright and colourful finish! Just a great start to 2017. Hope Furio is feeling better. Love Margaret Sherry, but please don't enter me as I have the magazine and card set.
Ariadne said…
Happy New Year! Oh what a great to start it with a giveaway!How sweet of you! I like your first finish too! I will definitely have a new finish by the end of 2017 if I devote myself to my Indonesian dancer WIP!But a little treat is always welcome so do count me in!Looking forward to more Tasmanian posts!AriadnefromGreece!
Sheryl S. said…
Pretty finish to start the new year and cute giveaway pattern but please don´t include me this time.
Tiffstitch said…
Great little finish! I'll try and get a post up tomorrow and mention your giveaway as well. :) Thanks!
Congrats on the finish! It's so cute :D

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