February 2020 TUSAL Report

Well, here we are again, time for the second TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-a-long) Report for the year, when we show our ORTS for the month.

This year my ORTs are going to placed in this special ORT jar which was a gift that came as part of my 
A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle (an autoship from The Silver Needle).

I have also decided to take each month's pic of the ORT jar with my objets d'amour (the things that I love). 

This month's orts are sitting in front of the ORT jar.  My objet d'amour this month is The Tigers Almanac 2019 (the Richmond Tigers were Premiers in 2019 - Aussie Rules Football).  I actually wrote an article for the almanac (I know, shock/horror I actually wrote a footy article and not a history one but if/when you read it you will understand).

My article is called "A time to reflect as tribes come together" and you can read it here.

As I said, TraderVic actually wrote several but the best is the one he wrote about the Grand Final, which he/we did not attend as were actually at a family wedding in Rome - it is a fabuous piece, called "Pax Romana" which you can read here.

... and here are the YTD ORTS in the jar.


Just click on the button above to go to Daffycat's blog where you can comment and see who else TUSALed this month.  

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I am enjoying the way you are showing your ORTs this year. The articles were very entertaining too.
We actually have Sport on the TV right now. My husband is watching something about the Grand Prix, the only sport he really follows.
Julie said…
Enjoyed reading your article. It must have been so thought provoking seeing the lighted phones in remembrance. Its amazing what you pick up when stitching next to a spouse who is watching sports
Love this years jar, lots of ORTs in there.
Bethan said…
That's such a nice way to show your ORTs. How cool that your article is in the almanac x

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